Artesprix Picnic Stamp Anniething Beverage Caddy

Welcome my crafty friends! This is Design Team Member Terra O'Brien here and with a July Blank of the Month project. I have paired the Artesprix Beverage Caddy together with Stamp Anniething stamps! This fun blank is only available during the month of July 2022. This has been such a fun collaboration between Artesprix and Stamp Anniething. I love that I can be just as imaginative using both Atresprix products and Stamp Anniething products.

beverage caddy with artesprix sublimation paint and stamp anniething stamps
What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies?
If you have never heard or Artesprix you are in for a treat! I am a papercrafter by nature and had heard of sublimation before but it seemed very intimidating until I found Artesprix. I love that I don’t have to buy an expensive sublimation printer to make amazing projects! Artesprix’s products from the markers to the blanks are so easy to use and makes it fun. Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is a complete line of sublimation products that allow artists and crafters to permanently personalize polyester-coated substrates with their own designs.

sublimation paint Artesprix stamp pad beverage caddy sublimation blank
Sublimation Stamp Pads in the color Black
Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint
Artesprix Beverage Caddy
Artesprix Protective Paper 
Artesprix Heat Tape
Artesprix Acrylic Stamp Block
Stamp Anniething Let's Gather Stamp Set
Paint Brushes
Heat Source: Home Iron or Artesprix Heat Press.
Copy paper or I used Bristol Smooth for blending

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Trace your blank with a pencil. Make sure that when you trace your blank you trace out cut outs like the circle within the Artesprix Beverage Caddy By doing this, you know where there may be an interruption within your design.

sublimation beverage caddy blank template on plain paper

Step 2: Start to map your nature scene. I knew I wanted to have enough space for the ground and sky. When deciding on my color palette, I mixed a few colors ahead of time. There is a helpful Paint Color Mixing Chart available on the Artesprix website for creating colors. 

For the sky I mixed the Artesprix White Acrylic lightning medium to create a softer blue before adding blue from the bottle. I used the yellow, with no lightener, and for the orange I mixed the yellow and red acrylic paints. To create the ground, I mixed the yellow and blue with different concentrations of each color to get that varied green look.

Pro Tip: I tried to create a "starry sky" by adding the Artesprix White Acrylic lightning medium over the blue I created for the sky. After transferring I realized the sublimation paint is very intense and over powered the Artesprix White Acrylic lightning medium which is not a sublimation paint. 

sublimation artesprix acrylic paint design for sublimation beverage caddy

Step 3: After the paint has been applied to the paper, be patient and let it dry completely before taking the next steps. If you don't wait, you may risk mixing colors that would create a "muddiness". The great thing about the Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint is that you won’t have to wait long! It dries quickly. 

sublimation acrylic paint design on beverage caddy with artesprix stamp pads

Step 4: Once the background has completely dried, grab a few tree and log stamps from the Stamp Anniething Let's Gather Stamp Set. Stamp those with the Black Sublimation Stamp Pad to create a contrast between the grass and sky. Then fill in the stamped designs with sublimation paint. I also decided to add some bird to the sky during this step. 

Secured sublimation beverage caddy to artesprix painted design

Step 5: Once your design is completely dry, it's time to tape your Artesprix Beverage Caddy to your paper using the Artesprix Heat Safe Tape. I recommend being very generous with the tape because you do not want the blank to move or shift while heating. 

siliconized protective paper on beverage caddy before transfer

Step 6: Now it is time to make your "sublimation sandwich". Using your Artesprix Protective Paper, cut two pieces bigger than your blank. Place one under your Artesprix Beverage Caddy and the other piece on top. You can reuse your paper as long as nothing has transferred on to it.

Step 7: Set your Artesprix heat press timer for 75 seconds and press to 400℉. 

sublimation acrylic paint on beverage caddy after transfer

Step 8: Now it's time for everyone's favorite step, the "peek test". To perform the "peek test", before removing any tape carefully lift the corner of your paper to take a peek to ensure you have a good transfer. If it did not transfer the way you wanted it to you can always repress. 

sublimation acrylic artesprix paint on beverage caddy with sublimation stamp pad

Step 9:  The BIG reveal! Be careful when removing your Artesprix Beverage Caddy as it will be hot. I like to take it off the press and let it sit on a heat safe mat until it’s fully cooled! This makes the perfect hostess gift for any party because it’s so versatile!

beverage caddy with sublimation acrylic paint and artesprix stamp pad

Thank you so much for joining me on this blog today! This would be a great blank to bring along to a Summertime picnic. After you fill the glasses with your favorite drink, you can place them back in the caddy to keep the glasses off the ground. I can’t wait to see what you create with this July Blank of the Month. Don’t forgot to check out more inspiration from the other design team members blog posts, you can also find more inspiration on the Artesprix Facebook Group

I hope you have a fantastic day! 

Terra O'Brien 

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