Lady Bug Clover Door Hanger with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink

Hello and welcome crafty friends! This is Design Team Member Terra O'Brien here and for my second blog of September I have paired the Artesprix Door Hanger together with  Stamp Anniething stamps! If you have not had a chance to try these Door Hangers I hope this project inspires you to do so! They are made of high quality fiber reinforced plastic that have been coated with a special polyester coating by the manufacturer which makes them perfect for Sublimation Iron-on-Ink. One of the things I love about Artesprix is you can whip up a high quality project in no-time, and this project is no exception. 

Artesprix Door Hanger with sublimation paint and stamp anniething stamp

What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies?

If you have never heard or Artesprix you are in for a treat! I am a papercrafter by nature and have heard of sublimation before but it seemed very intimidating until I found Artesprix. I love that Artesprix gives Makers the option to experience sublimation without an expensive sublimation printer to make amazing projects! Artesprix’s products, from the markers to the blanks, are so easy to use and makes it fun. The best part is your projects are lifetime permanent, once heat set, it will not wash-out, fade, crack or peel. It's magic! 

sublimation door hanger heat tape iron-on-ink paint polymer stamps


Sublimation Stamp Pads in the color Black

Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint

Artesprix Door Hanger 

Artesprix Protective Paper 

Artesprix Heat Tape

Artesprix Acrylic Stamp Block/MISTI Stamping tool 

Stamp Anniething Ladybug And Clover

Paint Brushes


Heat Source: Craft Press or Heat Press

Copy paper or I used Bristol Smooth for blending

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Trace your Artesprix Door Hanger with a pencil on regular copy paper or Bristol Smooth paper. 

Door Hanger template on regular copy paper

Step 2: After I traced my Artesprix Door Hanger, I wanted to map out where to start placing paint colors. I knew I wanted to keep the bottom of my  Artesprix Door Hanger lighter so that my stamped image would really show through. I started with the yellow Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint  at the bottom and painted about ¾ of the way up and finished with the blue.

Sublimation paint design with artesprix acrylic paint

Pro Tip: I used paint straight from the bottle, if you want to create different colors be sure to check the Artesprix Color Mixing Guide

Step 3: For this project we are going to "double press". (This is not usually recommended in "traditional sublimation" with a printer but since we are doing "craft sublimation" it will work.) Once you have confirmed the paint is completely dry, place your Door Hanger on top of your design and secure with Artesprix Heat Tape

secured sublimation door hanger with heat tape

Step 4: Make your "sublimation sandwich". Cut 2 pieces of Artesprix Protective Paper, place one under yourArtesprix Door Hange and the other on top of your door hanger. You can reuse your siliconized paper as long as nothing has transferred on to it. 

Pro Tip #2: If you prefer to press all at once, allow your paint to dry then add the next design element. 

Step 5: Transfer specifications for this blank call for a temperature of 400℉ for 90 seconds. 

Step 6: "Peek Test" time! Without removing too much tape, lift up a corner of your project to ensure you got a full, vibrant transfer.

stamp anniething stamp design on plain paper using MISTI

Step 7: Once I had the background pressed I grabbed a clean sheet of copy paper, retraced my Artesprix Door Hanger to create by template and lined it up in my Stamping tool so I knew where it was going to sit.

Step 8: Using your Artesprix Acrylic Stamp Block/MISTI Stamping tool , add add your favorite stamp design to the paper within the template. I decided to use beautiful stamp from Annie's Garden from Stamp Anniething Ladybug And Clover

Step 9: Line your stamped design up to your Door Hanger with infused paint background and repeat steps 3 - 6. 

sublimation Artesprix design after transfer

Step 10: Reveal your project by removing the paper from your Door Hanger. 

This is such a fun project to make for yourself, or for your kids. Personalize it for time of year, or theme it to "Homework Time" for Back-To-School so no one enters their room when they are hard at work. There are so many ideas that would work for this double-sided blank. 

sublimation door hanger with artesprix iron-on-ink

I hope this has inspired you to try the Artesprix Door Hanger with your Iron-on-Ink supplies. Be sure to share your projects or post your questions to the Artesprix Facebook Group. You can find more inspiration for using your Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Craft Supplies on the Artesprix Blog

Have a fantastic day! 
Terra O'Brien

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