Sublimation Summit Bundle

$52.24 $65.46

Who says virtual can’t be hands on? Join Ashley from Artesprix as she shares Artesprix’s latest innovative Sublimation Craft product with you. She will have you getting in touch with your crafty side for a true hands on experience with sublimation. You will learn the best practices for working with the newest type of acrylic paint on the market and find out what tools in your Maker’s Space you can incorporate when using these new products. 

The Sublimation Summit is the first of its kind summit dedicated to sublimation.  Crafters and entrepreneurs alike will learn the how-tos of sublimation with classes from some of the leading experts in the industry. This conference promises to be like no other, providing an inspirational experience for sublimation newbies, enthusiasts, and experts to grow their passion and their business.

Learn more and get your tickets at ! Use code Artesprix10 for 10% off your ticket price! 

Bundle includes:
Sublimation Acrylic Paint Set
Heat Tape
Protective Paper
Canvas Tote Bag 
Fine Tip Black Sublimation Marker


Link to FREE coloring page that Ashley will be using for the project by Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Print from Sublimation printer onto REGULAR COPY PAPER or Mixed Media paper, not sublimation paper! 

Bundle does not include:
Mixed Media Paper
Paint Brushes
Pallet Paper, freezer paper, or plastic paint pallet 

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