Sublimation Blanks

The technical term is substrate, but we like to call them blanks.

Because the sublimation process transfers Iron-on-Ink from plain paper to virtually any polyester-coated substrate, you can choose from literally thousands of different blanks for your craft projects. From soft-surface items like poly t-shirts and canvas zip cases; to hard-surface goods like bag tags and textured coasters. Artesprix researched hundreds of products, tested dozens of options, and hand-picked our sublimation blanks to make sure your first experience with Iron-on-Ink is the best it can be.

But you’re not limited to sublimation blanks from Artesprix. We have dozens of dealers in the sublimation business, and they have thousands of blanks to choose from. You can work with woods, metals, plastics, and fabrics. You can make coffee mugs, cell phone cases, mouse pads, and more.

Some projects may require additional supplies or speciality equipment, especially when you’re working with three-dimensional objects. But no matter what type of sublimation blank you choose, so long as it’s made out of polyester or coated with polyester, you should be good to go. Keep in mind, temperature settings and press-times may vary depending on the type of sublimation blank and your heat source.