Sublimation Markers

Transfer drawings from plain paper to sublimation blanks.

Unleash your inner artist! Now you can transfer your designs from plain paper to almost any polyester fabric or polyester-coated items with our unique sublimation process.

Sublimation markers are designed to allow you to add your personal touch to everyday items such as apparel and décor using the dye sublimation heat transfer process:

Sublimation is the process of converting something from a liquid or solid to a gaseous form. Dye sublimation converts dye-based ink to a gas that dyes polyester or polymers. Images drawn on plain paper with our markers or pressed onto paper using our stamp pads. The image is then laid on polyester apparel or polymer-coated items and heated with a craft iron or heat press to temperatures around 400F. At that temperature, the ink converts to a dye and stains the molecules creating a lasting image.

Whether you want to design a personalized Mother’s Day gift, or sell custom creations on Etsy, with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink you can make sure your drawing is just right before transferring the final image. What will you create with your Artesprix markers?