Sublimation Supplies

Our tools of the trade are designed to ensure the best results.

Like most craft projects, things can get messy. With Artesprix Iron-on-Ink, you’ll be working with heat and pressure to permanently “stain” your sublimation blanks. You’ll want to take care not to discolor your iron, or your ironing board, or your favorite bath towel. That’s why Artesprix offers sublimation supplies – to help keep your workspace clean and help you sublimate like a pro.

One of the greatest things about Iron-on-Ink is the fact you can use plain copy paper for your drawings and designs. And the fact is, you can use more copy paper to layer your projects, or “sandwich” your sublimation blanks in between your heat source and your work surface. With silicone-coated protective paper from Artesprix, you don’t have to worry about the paper getting too hot, and you can reuse those sheets over and over again.

Likewise, using our protective mat is a great way to sublimate. Not only does it help you protect your work surface, but also helps you apply even pressure to your sublimation blank when you’re working with a craft iron or an easy press. It also locks in any ink that is pressed into it, so it won’t stain your next project.

Don’t even get me started on using heat tape! Remember, you’ll be working with a heat source that may be set as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And you will be carefully positioning the drawing on a sublimation blank. The last thing you want is a slight slip or shift to ruin your beautiful design or end up with a “ghosting” effect. Traditional Scotch tape won’t work either because it will just melt on your project.