Father's Day Star Ornament with Artesprix Paint

Hi friends! It’s Sara on the blog today and I have an exciting project for you! As we all know, Father’s Day is just around the corner. So, today we’ll be making a simple and unique Father’s Day star ornament using Artesprix sublimation paint and sublimation markers to add wording. I’ll show you how I created mirrored text by hand, so be on the lookout!I love how this project turned out and I’m happy to show you how to make your own so, let’s get started!

We will be using our sublimation paint and a brush to paint a background for our star ornament. Then, we’ll embellish the design and add text with our black sublimation marker. Once our design is dry, we will transfer it onto our star ornament using our heat press. The design will be infused into the blank permanently and the sublimated design will not need to be sealed and it will not peel or fade.

Father's Day metal star ornament gift made with artesprix

What is Sublimation Iron-on Ink?

Iron-on-Ink is a special ink that gets printed onto poly-coated substrates once it is subjected to heat. Iron-on inks are always muted on paper, and they become vibrant after they’re heat pressed onto the sublimation blank. Artesprix sublimation paint and markers are uniquely formulated with iron-on ink to empower us with the ability to paint or draw on paper and make unique sublimation designs.

star ornament sublimation paint alphabet stencil

Star Ornament
Sublimation Acrylic Paint
Sublimation Markers
Heat Resistant Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Mixed Media Paper
Heat Press
Star Stencil 
Alphabet Stencil 

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start by placing your star ornament on a mixed media paper and trace it with a pencil. This blank is double sided so, if you’re planning on sublimating both sides, make sure you trace it twice. I’ll sublimate on one side only so I traced it once and I used a pencil because it will not transfer to the blank when we heat press it!

star template for sublimation craft project

Step 2: Let’s create our design! I added blue, red, yellow and white paints to my plastic paint palette. Using a brush, spread the paint on your traced ornament template. I started with red at the top then I blended in blue to create a purple shade. It is important to think about what colors to mix, but you’ve got nothing to worry about because Artesprix did a great job in providing us with a color mixing chart.

sublimation paint design for metal star ornament

I decided to mix a light blue shade to blend it into our blue paint. Then, I mixed yellow and blue to make a gradient at the bottom that goes from blue to green and I’m loving what we made so far!

Step 3: Let it dry. It’s a good idea to preheat your heat press while we add the last touches. For this blank, you’ll need to set your heat press to 400°F for 75 seconds.

sublimation paint design before sublimation marker text

Step 4: I thought of adding text for the dad in our life. To add mirrored text to our design, we’ll use an alphabet stencil flipped. Alternatively, you could write down your text on a piece of paper, flip it and copy the mirrored wording the way you see it. For our design, I used both methods. 

I started by using my alphabet stencil, I flipped it and wrote “dad” with my black sublimation marker. Then, I used a piece of paper and a sharpie to handwrite the word “all-star”. I flipped the paper and I copied it to my design. I placed the “all-star” mirrored word on top of “dad”.

sublimation paint design with sublimation marker designs before transfer

Step 5: Use a star stencil and sublimation marker to embellish the design with tiny stars!

sublimation star ornament secured before transfer

Step 6: Tape the design to the star ornament. Place your ornament face down on your design and use heat resistant tape to secure it properly. This blank is double sided so you can sublimate on the other side once we press this one!sublimation star ornament with protective paper before transfer

Step 7: Make a "sublimation sandwich"! Use your protective paper to sandwich in your star ornament with the design secured to it. Using protective paper is essential because it will catch any extra ink and you won’t have to risk getting ink on your heat press!

Step 8: It is time to transfer your design! Your heat press should be set to 400°F and you’ll need to press it for 75 seconds.

sublimation paint design on star ornament after transfer

Step 9: It is "peek test" time! After you press your design, do not remove the tape and slightly peel one corner of your design to get a peek of how good the design transferred. If you find that you got a vibrant transfer, then remove the tape and reveal your amazing design! In the slightest chance you didn’t get a good transfer, you could go ahead and re-press your design. 

sublimation paint design on star ornament

Step 10: Once you confirmed your transfer was successful, reveal your design! Look at how vibrant the colors are! I love how our ornament turned out! This star ornament would make such a cute Father’s Day gift tag! Don't forget to do the other side if you wish before adding the included ribbon. 

sublimation star ornament with artesprix sublimation paint

I’m in love with these sublimation acrylic paints! Our ornament turned out amazing! Make sure you grab this star ornament for your next project, it is only available for the month of June, so don't wait! Also, we’ll experiment more with our sublimation acrylic paint next blog post so stay tuned and make sure you get yourself a set! When you use Artesprix sublimation craft supplies in your next project, please don’t forget to share your creations with us on instagram or Facebook!

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re inspired to get creative today! If you’d like to keep in touch, check out my instagram!

Keep on crafting!


Sara Ali 



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