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Sequin Zip Case

Sequin Zip Case

Sequin Zip Case


Looking for a unique gift that you can personalize? Look no further than our Sequin Zip Case! With the ability to flip the sequins, you can hide a hidden message or design on your case! These Sequin Zip Cases can multitask and be used as makeup bags, pencil cases, stationery pouches, cell phone bags, and are super convenient for traveling, shopping, walking the dog, or even just out and about in your everyday life.

Not only can you add a design on the sequin side, you can also personalize the back! This case is perfect for an all over customization or personalization for you or your friends. See what amazing things you can make!

  • Sequin Zip Case
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.5cm/6.5x 8"
  • Two-tone sparkling flip sequins
  • Two sided—white sequin side & polyester back
  • For use with flat heat press 

Sequin Zip Case  45 385℉

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