Have you seen the magic?

New Blanks Some of your favorite blanks are coming back, for good!

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Artesprix has developed a revolutionary line of sublimation products to give a new dimension to creative projects.

From sublimation markers and ink pads, to supplies and accessories, to dozens of Artesprix-branded blanks to choose from, makers can create personalized memories that will last a lifetime.

Born in 2018, Artesprix introduced ten colors of their original permanent heat transfer markers to the sublimation world. The arts-and-craft community immediately took notice…makers and social media influencers were heard saying, “Have you seen the magic?”

The possibilities are endless.

Not only does Artesprix Iron-on-Ink give creators a new and easy way to explore the world of sublimation, but also:

  • do-it-yourself workshops can add a new dimension to their group projects;
  • educators have a new way to engage their students through art and science classes;
  • fundraisers can go beyond car washes and bake sales;
  • after-school program directors can keep their kids engaged;
  • sublimation businesses can expand their product line with new and exciting products that don’t require expensive equipment.

Explore our complete line of products, or contact us today with any questions.

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