Iron-on-Ink Heart Shaped Ornament Surprise

An Iron-on-Ink Heart Shaped Ornament Surprise 

Hey there! Courtney here bringing the love to lovey-dovey! Oh ok, all jokes aside I am in love with this February Blank of the Month. It’s a great substrate for use with the Artesprix Sublimation Markers. What’s better than an Iron-on-Ink Heart Shaped Ornament Surprise?! Maybe including it with some delectable chocolates?! Yes please, sign me up!

Heart Ornament

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers? 

Sublimation is a process that helps transfer specialized inks with a heat source. So with the use of the Artesprix Markers you can use them to draw out any design and transfer with heat to say, a cute Heart Shaped Ornament.


Heart Ornament

Materials and Tools:


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: First, trace the Heart Shaped Ornament on a plain piece of copy paper. (Trace 2x if you’re creating for both sides.)


Heart Ornament

Step 2: Now, use the Sublimation Markers to design the copy paper tracing.


Heart Ornament


Step 3: Next, place heat tape on Heart Shaped Ornament to stick to the designed tracing.


Heart Ornament

Step 4: Finally, create the signature Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. Protective Paper, Heart Shaped Ornament with taped design closest to heat source and another piece of Protective Paper on top. Place the sandwich in the heat press as is and press for 60 seconds at 400˚ F. 


Heart Ornament

Step 5: Let the Heart Shaped Ornament cool, and you can peek and see your creation by lifting a corner of the copy paper gently. After peeking you can pull off the Heat Tape and reveal the designed ornament. 


Peek Test Heart Ornament

Peek Test

Heart Ornament Surprise

Did you lovey-dovey (wink) this tutorial? 

Here are some other tutorials you can follow along with for help and inspiration. Also remember to check out Artesprix Inspirational Facebook Group for just that, inspiration and helpful tips!


My Thoughts on the BOTM:

The Artesprix Blank of the Month is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I enjoy the mystery of not knowing what’s new coming to their lineup of special monthly products. Share your BOTM on the social medias. I know I’d love to see your creations and others will too!


Until next time, 

Courtney LaRose


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