Let it Snow Artesprix Christmas Pet Bandana!

Hello crafty Artesprix friends! Ivy here with a holiday pet bandana idea to share with you! As you know my family has a Pet Hedgehog and she is a little fashionista. Today, I’m sharing a technique on how to use Artesprix markers to color in rubber stamps. Let's get to it!

Artesprix Pet Bandana

What are Artesprix Sublimations Markers?

Artesprix markers enables you to draw on regular paper and transfer on to sublimation blank materials such as totes bags, bookmarks and keychains and more.

To Create this Bandana, you will need the following: 

1. Pet Bandana

2. Sublimation Ink Pad - Black

3. Sublimation Markers

4. Heat Press or Regular Iron

5. Heat Tape

6. Protective Paper Roll

7. Holiday Rubber Stamps - Michaels or Joann 

Artesprix SuppliesStep 1. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the Pet Bandana on plain white copy paper

 Trace your blankStep 2. With this technique we are going to use the Artesprix markers and color the stamp directly. By using the “huffing” technique it causes the stamps surface to fog, which will re-moisten the ink. Be aware, you have to work quickly when doing this technique. Once you color in the stamp with the marker, stamp it on the piece of paper to create a pattern.

Coloring Step 3. Next, you need to trim your design using scissors. Use the Artesprix heat tape to hold your bandana in place. This step is very important because If you don’t your paper may move slightly when you apply the heat, which could leave a “ghost” image.

Artesprix TapeStep 4. Set the temperature on your heat-press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a home iron set it at the highest setting.

Step 5. Make a sublimation sandwich, cut protective paper large enough to cover the Artesprix Pet Bandana. Place one sheet of protective underneath and then place the bandana and cover it with another protective sheet. Press your heat press for 30 seconds. Be sure that your design is face down on the top of your Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. Sublimation SandwichStep 6. Lift the tape gently from one side peek to make ensure the colors transferred properly. Then, reveal the design!

Iron on Ink design I have to roll the bandana can be really small if needed so it fits my little fashionista. Here she is looking cute in her new Artesprix Pet Bandana!

I hope you enjoyed this project and give huffing a try with your next Iron-on-Ink project! 

Ivy from the Artesprix Design Team



  • Cutest little pet! A very festive bandana, perfect for the season.
    Posted by Avery on November 23, 2020

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