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Hello, my name is Adam and I am a paper crafting guru. I love making cards for all occasions and have done so for the past 8 years. I have since progressed to mixed media using stamping and other paper and metal pieces. I am now branching out again into the world of sublimation ink crafts. I am enjoying creating with the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink and decided to make a decorative and practical set of magnets for the magnetic board hanging in my craft room. I am personalizing a set of three Artesprix hexagon magnets that will hold up paper creations. I did not want ordinary magnets but ones that reflect my talents, these are perfect for what I need!

sublimation magnets with iron-on-ink Artesprix Markers and stamp pad

What is Sublimation Crafting?

For me I see it as an extension of what I currently use. Artesprix Iron-on Ink offers a complete line of sublimation products that allow artists and crafters to personalize polyester-coated blanks with their own designs.

sublimation stamp pad, sublimation magnet, stamps


Sublimation Markers  

Sublimation Stamp Pad – Black

Heat Tape

Protective Paper Roll

Project Mat

Heat Press

Copy Paper

Rubber or Polymer Stamps


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start by tracing the magnets on white copy paper, I always rough trace. By leaving extra space it helps ensure the stamped design appears on the blank in the correct spot.

created template for sublimation magnets with pencil

Step 2: Stamp designs you want to transfer to the hexagon magnets using the Artesprix black sublimation Iron-on-Ink onto the printer paper, inside the traced template. I chose art themed design stamps to compliment my crafted cards.

Step 3: Using the sublimation markers, color in the stamped designs on the metal blanks. 

sublimation designs with iron-on-ink markers and stamp pad

Pro Tip: I usually turn on the heat press during this stage of my creating. This allows plenty of time to get the press to the proper temperature. For this project I set the temperature to 400℉ and the timer for 75 seconds.

Step 4: After you're finished designing, center the magnet face-down on your Iron-on-Ink transfer. The heat resistant tape is important because it keeps your project stationary and does not transfer sticky residue onto the finished project. 

sublimation magnets secured to transfer with artesprix heat tape

Step 5: This step is what is referred to as a "sublimation sandwich". Cut two pieces of the protective paper larger than the magnets being heated. Before pressing ensure your design is on the side closer to the heat. 

sublimation magnets before transfer with protective paper

Step 6: Transfer according to the specifications of the blank. These magnets call for 400℉ and a transfer time of 75 seconds. If your heat source is a home iron, set to the highest setting and press for 3 minutes. 

artesprix craft heat press

Pro Tip: Allow your magnets to cool off before handling. Keep in mind that metal objects take a bit longer to cool down then other materials.

artesprix design transferred to sublimation magnets

Step 7: The next step is the important step of the project is the "Peek Test"! Do not remove the tape from the blank until you lift a corner of the paper with the design to verify you got a good transfer and the colors are intense. Re-heat if the colors are not vibrant, checking time, temperature and pressure. 

sublimation magnets with Artesprix Markers and stamp pad

Step 8: After you have confirmed you got a good transfer, reveal your design. 

sublimation magnets with magnetic backing

Step 9: The final step in creating these fun Artesprix hexagon magnets is to attach the magnet pieces to the back of the metal blank that is conveniently included. 

I hope you enjoyed my craft room magnets using Artesprix metal blanks with Iron-on-Ink. I am looking forward to creating more fun projects this term with Iron-on-Ink. If you liked this Blog, check out other projects from previous months at Artesprix Blog. You can find more of my work over on my Instagram, follow me for more crafty inspiration.

Until next time, 

Adam Karle 

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