Artesprix Ombre Heart Shaped Ornament

Hey Iron-on-Inkers! 

Allison here with February Blank of the Month project for you! This month we are featuring a beautiful double sided Heart Ornament that is PERFECT for Valentine's Day which is right around the corner! 

You Are Loved Artesprix Heart Shaped Ornament

Let me help you get inspired by my tutorial and be sure leave a comment below! 

Materials & Tools for Heart Shaped Ornament:



Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1. Trace your Heart Shaped ornament onto plain copy paper.

Trace your blank on plain copy paper

Step 2. Choose your Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Marker and color directly onto your Gel press plate. Use as many colors as you would like. 

Draw on Gel Press Plate

Step 3. Quickly squeeze your IPA across the Gel Press plate and place your plain piece of copy paper on top of your Gel Plate. 

Drop IPA onto gel press plate over iron-on-inkPress paper in gel press plate

Step 4. Lift off your paper from your Gel Press plate and wait for it to dry. Take your Sublimation Ink Stamp Pad and cling stamp of choice to stamp onto your Gel Press Plate. I chose a mirrored, "You are Loved," cling stamp. Lay your piece of copy paper on top of your press stamp (within the heart shaped ornament traced area) on your Gel Press plate. Lift your paper to see your mirrored stamp on your copy paper. 

Sublimation Stamp PadStamp on Gel Press plate

Press your paper on Gel Press plate

Step 5. Take your Iron-on-Ink markers of choice and add more detail to your stamped design. 

Take Iron-on-Ink Markers and color over stamp

Step 5. Take your floral cling stamps of choice, cling them on acrylic stamp block, and then press them onto your paper within your heart shaped ornament. 

Place flower stamp on paper using sublimation ink stamp pad

Step 6. Secure your Heart Shaped ornament blank you your design using Artesprix Heat Tape. 

Tape Heart Shaped ornament down using Heat Tape

Step 7. Create an Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. One piece of Protective Paper on top of your blank and one piece on the bottom of your blank. Be sure that your design is face down to your blank, but on-top of your Sublimation Sandwich. 

Create a Sublimation Sandwich

Step 7. Place you project in the Sublimation Sandwich on to your Protective Project Mat. Set your Home Iron on the highest heat setting and lay it down on your Iron-on-Ink design for 3 minutes. ***Pro Tip: Do not move your iron during this time, if you need to make sure you lift up and place your iron back down in a, "tile form," motion. 

Use a Iron to transfer design to your ornament

Step 8. After your timer has gone off do an Artesprix Peak Test. Before removing any heat tape from your blank take a peak and make sure that your design transferred vibrantly and clearly! If it did not, double check your time, temperature and pressure and give it another try! ***Pro Tip: By checking your design before you remove you tape you will ensure that if you need to give your project another press that the design will still be set in place and not have a ghosting design.***

Step 9. The BIG REVEAL! Enjoy your beautiful Iron-on-Ink Valentine's Day project! Be sure to add the pretty red ribbon from your Artesprix packaging. This turned out gorgeous!  

Finished Heart Shaped Ornament

We can't wait to see you Blank of the Month February Heart Shaped Ornament. Don't forget to take advantage of this double sided ornament and complete this project on the other size of you blank!

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Happy creating! 

Artesprix Allison


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