Artesprix Custom Magnets with Sublimation Stamp Pads

Hey everyone, my name is EllyMae from Silhouette Secrets+ and I am so excited to share this project with you as a Guest Designer this month. I smile every time I look at these Tim Holtz Bird Crazy Stamps and thought they would be a great addition to brighten up this month. Even my husband expressed interest when he walked by while I was creating this project! In today’s project, I’ll share how I used the Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Pads to not only stamp images but also to add color to the blank as well. The magnets come in a set of four from the Artesprix Shop, which is perfect to showcase a set of stamps to keep one theme like I did! 

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sublimation magnets with Tim holtz design

What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies?

Artesprix sublimation products can be used to create a sublimation project without having to invest in a sublimation printer. It is an ink transfer from plain copy paper to a sublimation blank using heat and pressure. Whether you are using Artesprix sublimation markers, stamps, or paints; all you need is a piece of copy paper and you can begin creating with sublimation. You can use a combination of Artesprix sublimation products on your other projects too!

sublimation stamp pads metal magnets Tim holtz stamps


Artesprix Magnets

Artesprix Protective Paper

Artesprix Heat Tape

Sublimation Ink Pad: Black, yellow, orange, red shown below

Copy Paper or Watercolor Paper

Protective Project Mat

Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Bird Crazy Stamps

Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool

Paint brush

Acrylic blocks for stamping

Optional: Artesprix sublimation markers




Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Place the blank on the copy paper and trace around the edge with a pencil. Pencil will not transfer to blank when pressed, this serves as your template area to know where to position your design.

sublimation magnet template on plain paper

Step 2: Stamp your chosen Design using the Black Sublimation Stamp Pad within your template. Position the stamp both inside and outside the template to fill the entire blank space. When it comes to sublimation, it’s ok to color outside of the lines!

Tim holtz stamp with black stamp ink

Step 3: To add color, gently press stamp pad on top of acrylic block or other plastic surface to transfer ink to surface. Use a paint brush to pick up color and color in the image on the copy paper.

sublimation stamp ink with water color affect

Pro Tip: If ink starts to dry out, add a tiny amount of water to the acrylic block to rejuvenate it. Use the colors and acrylic block to mix colors together for different shading or add a bit of water to lighten a color. Use a light hand when coloring in images as you don’t want to soak the paper.

sublimation stamp pad with ink blending affect

Step 4: Using Mini Ink Blending Tool, pick up ink off the acrylic block and apply to edges of pencil drawn template. Play around with different colors, mixing colors, and blending techniques. Have fun with it! 

Pro Tip #2: While you're creating it is a good idea to pre-heat your heat source. These Artesprix Magnets call for 400℉ with a transfer time of 75 seconds. 

sublimation magnet secured to artesprix design

Step 5: Once you have finished creating, it is time to transfer. Place the Artesprix magnet white side down on the template and secure with heat tape.

Step 6: Now you want to make a "sublimation sandwich". Using Artesprix protective paper, cut 2 pieces larger than your piece of copy paper with the design on it. The protective paper should be larger than the copy paper to prevent any "ink blowout" from getting on the heat press platen or Heat Press Pad/Project Mat. Sandwich the blank between the 2 pieces of protective paper we ensuring the copy paper is as close to the heat as possible. 

sublimation project between protective paper

Step 7: Press the sublimation sandwich at
400℉ with a transfer time of 75 seconds. You can also find the time and temperature for the Artesprix blanks in the description on the website too.


sublimation design on magnet after transfer

Step 8:  Do a "Peek Test"! This will let you know whether the transfer was successful. Carefully peel back a corner of the copy paper and take a peek at the blank. Leave the heat tape in place in case you need to adjust something such as pressure or additional press time. 

before and after sublimation stamp design on magnet

Step 9: If it’s done, remove the blank from the paper/design and set on a protected surface to cool. I use the Artesprix Protective Project Mat for all my sublimation items to cool off and protect my workspace.

artesprix sublimation magnets with stamp ink

This looks awesome! I love it! The colors really pop and you can see the shading that was done with adding layers of colors on the bird with the paint brush and ink.

Step 10: Once cooled, peel the backing off the magnets that are included, and securely attach to the back of each magnet

So exciting to see the project come to life! I hope this project inspires you to play with different color combinations, shading, and techniques. Check out the video tutorial with the Artesprix stamp pads and magnets on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube Channel HERE. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. I have several more ideas of projects to create with these Stampers Anonymous Bird Crazy Stamps, the Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Inks, and plain old copy paper. 

Happy crafting!


**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.**



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