Artsy Sequin Iron-on-Ink Blank of the Month Zip Case

Hello my sublimation friends, Designer Lori here. It’s time to get artsy with the Blank of the Month for February 2023. This project features the Artesprix Sequin Cosmetic Case and Sublimation Acrylic Paint. Let me tell you, this Sequin Zip Case is delightful! The two-color reversible sequins on the front of the cosmetic case will appear and then disappear as you slide your hand across the case. Combine that with a layered abstract art design and you have created true magic!

artesprix sequin zip case with sublimation paint
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What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
It is an interesting and fun product that allows you to create a design on standard copy paper that can then be heat transferred onto surfaces (must have polyester in it or have a polyester coating). Once the project is transferred to the blank, it is lifetime permanent. Before Artesprix, you would need a fancy printer to experience this level of personalization, but not anymore!

white sequin zip case gel press plate sublimation paint
Sublimation Stamp Pad –Black 
Sublimation Acrylic Paint –Yellow, Red, Blue & White Lightening Medium
Sublimation Cling Stamps - Block Letter Alphabet 
Protective Project Mat 
Sequin Cosmetic Case
Heat tape 
Protective paper 
Gel Press –Gel Printing Plate
Computer Paper Brayer
TCW Stencil –TCW807
Heat Press
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Ready your supplies, including a piece of plain copy paper. Usually you create a template for your design, but for this project I approached it differently.

sublimation paint on gel press plate
Step 2: Mix your paint in accordance of what colors you want to use using the Color Mixing Chart. Brayer a thin layer of Sublimation Acrylic Paint to a Gel Printing Plate.

sublimation paint on gel press plate
Step 3: Once your first layer is dry, brayer the gel plate with additional layers Sublimation Acrylic Paint.

stencil on gel press plate with sublimation paint
Step 4: Place a stencil over the gel plate and brayer a 3rd color of Sublimation Acrylic Paint.

sublimation paint transfer from gel press plate
Step 5: To create your transfer, place a piece of copy paper onto the gel mat, press paper firmly onto the gel plate. Peel up paper form gel mat to reveal the print design.

sublimation paint design with stamped text
Step 6: Stamp “ART” onto the paper using the Sublimation Block Letter Alphabet Stamp set and Sublimation Black ink pad.
Pro Tip: To create a different look with a white edge, I trimmed edges of the print image with deckled scissors.

secured sublimation design with heat tape
Step 7: Make sure all the sequins are turned to white side and place the design on top. Secure with heat tape.

Step 8: Make a Sublimation Sandwich by placing the Sequin Zip Case between two pieces of protective paper that are larger than your blank. 

sublimation project with protective paper before transfer

Pro Tip #2: To compensate for the bulk of the zipper, use pressing foam under the project while you transfer, or leave the zipper just outside of the press.
Step 9: Heat set using appropriate settings for the material. This Sequin Zip Case calls for  a transfer time of 45 seconds at 380℉.

sublimation paint design on sequin zip case after transfer
Step 10: After heat set, take-a-peek at the design to ensure transfer was successful, but try  not remove tape until transfer confirmed, this way you re-heat if necessary.

before and after sublimation paint transfer
Step 11: Remove paper to reveal the transferred design!

Look at the before and after! That is the magic of sublimation and Artesprix. If you are excited about this project don't hesitate to grab this blank from the Artesprix Shop as it is only available for the month of February. You can also try Artesprix's Sequin Pillows too! Don’t forget to visit the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are always sharing inspirational projects. 
Happy Day!
Lori Warren
**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.** 


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