Family Kitchen Towel

Hello crafty friends! It's Design Team Member, Terra O'Brien, with an easy project using the August Blank of the Month, Artesprix Dish Towel, and Artesprix Sublimation Acrylic paints. I thought it would be fun to theme it around family and Summer because I am just not ready for Fall. These Dish Towels can be personalized for anytime of year, or any gift giving occasion. For this design, I chose a classic kitchen theme, surrounding family and citrus. 

 artesprix sublimation dish towel with acrylic paint

What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies?

If you have never heard or Artesprix you are in for a treat! I am a papercrafter by nature and have heard of sublimation before but it seemed very intimidating until I found Artesprix. I love that Artesprix gives Makers the option to experience sublimation without an expensive sublimation printer to make amazing projects! Artesprix’s products, from the markers to the blanks, are so easy to use and makes it fun. The best part is your projects are lifetime permanent, once heat set, it will not wash-out, fade, crack or peel. It's magic! 

polyester dish towel sublimation paint heat tape protective paper


Artesprix Dish Towel

Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint

Artesprix Protective Paper 

Artesprix Heat Tape

Lint Roller

Paint Brushes

Heat Source: Handheld Craft Press or Heat Press

Copy paper or I used Bristol Smooth for blending

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: When I am working with a larger sublimation blank, like the August Blank of the Month Artesprix Dish Towel, I like to map out where my design will go. The best way to do this is to measure where you want your design to go and create a matching template on your paper. 

sublimation dish towel template

Step 2: When doing a sublimation design with lettering, you want to ensure you mirror or trace the word backwards. I started by sketching out the word "Family" in pencil first because pencil does not transfer. After I successfully created the mirrored text, I added a few lemon slices. I am not the best free hand artist but I do like that my family knows it came from me, so I like that it is not perfect. Remember, it's DIY sublimation! 

sublimation template with green sublimation paint

Step 3: Once I had my rough outline with pencil, I mixed a generous amount of blue with just a drop of yellow and white Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint. I love that I have the freedom of mixing any colors to my preference, or in this case, to match any kitchen decor! I carefully started painting in the word "Family". I was not concerned about painting outside the lines. (You will see why in the next couple of steps.)

sublimation paint design on dish towel template

Step 4: Let the word "family" dry completely. I went ahead and just used the Artesprix Acrylic Sublimation Paint in yellow straight from the bottle for the lemons.

sublimation paint designed outlined with artesprix black marker

Step 5: Again, let everything dry completely! I used the Black Marker out of the Artesprix Original Sublimation Markers 10ct to create outlines. This made the designs bolder and using the marker was quick way to make the painted designs pop. 

secured sublimation paint design to polyester blank

Step 6: Once everything is dry, it is now time to tape our design using the Artesprix Heat Tape. I am always very generous with my tape because I want my design to be secure/stay in place while it is transferring.

sublimation design with artesprix protective paper before transfer

Step 7: It is time for a very important step, making a "sublimation sandwich". Using your Artesprix Protective Paper you want to cut 2 pieces bigger than your design. Place one piece under your Artesprix Dish Towel and the other piece on top. You can reuse your Artesprix protective siliconized paper as long as nothing has transferred on to it.

Step 8: Set your Heat Press timer for 60 seconds and press to 380℉.

sublimation paint design on towel after transfer

Step 9: After your project is finished, It’s time for the "peek test". In this step you will want to lift a corner of your design without removing any tape to make sure that your transfer was successful. If your transfer did not turn out as bright as anticipated, carefully place the corner back down, check your time, temperature and pressure, and re-press.

sublimation dish towel with artesprix acrylic paint

Step 10: Time for the BIG reveal! This is the best part, when you get to see your creation come to life! I did let the Artesprix Dish Towel cool completely before I removed my paper and tape.  

artesprix dish towel with sublimation paint

Thank you so much for joining me with this project today! This August Blank of the Month was really fun, and there are so many options when personalizing a Dish Towel. Be sure to grab your towel before the end of August!

I can’t wait to see what you create! Don’t forgot  to check out more inspiration from the other design team members on the Artesprix Blog, or you can also find more inspiration on the  Artesprix Facebook Group.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Terra O'Brien

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