Barbie Storage Bag with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink

Hi everyone! It’s Design Team Member Betsy. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for me! You see, when I am not being creative, you can find me in my happy place, packing shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child. Around my neck of the woods I’m know as the #CrazyShoeboxLady because of my love for this cause.

sublimation wine bag with Artesprix stamp pads

Operation Christmas Child sends gift filled shoeboxes to children in need all our the world. These simple gifts filled with toys, school supplies, hygiene items and more become a message of hope and a tangible expression of God’s love to the children that receive them. 

You might be wondering what this has to do with Artesprix and Iron-on-Ink?…Glad you asked!  For some children this is the first gift they have ever received and because of that I want to make it a good one! Because of this I try to fit as much as possible into my shoebox, and often this means removing items from their original packaging. Key is to start the box with a WOW item. Since my shoebox is being packed for a older girl I found an amazing “Dreamtopia” Barbie doll! Here packaging took up a lot of extra space but it was so very pretty. I also had some extra accessories and an outfit that I wanted to include but did not want it to be separate from the doll. The Artesprix Wine Bag is a perfect fit for Barbie and her accessories. And of course, I was able to theme the bag to match the pretty box Barbie came in!

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink? 
Artesprix Sublimation Inks are specially formulated heat transferred ink. These inks allow you to create personalized designs on polyester coated surfaces and polyester fabrics. Using plain copy paper, you create your design,, you then transfer the finished design onto your compatible blank using a heat source and pressure. The results are vibrant, colorful, and best of all permanent! Before Artesprix you needed a fancy printer to experience this level of personalization, but not anymore! 

sublimation stamp pads polyester wine bag stencils

Wine Bag
Sublimation Stamp Pad - Pink, Purple, Blue, and Black
Stamp Blending Brush
Cloud Stamp-Stampscapes
Castle Foam Stamp-Martha Stewart/Plaid Crafts
Butterflies Stencil-Whimsy Stamps
Copy Paper
Heat Tape 
Protective Paper Roll
Heat Source: Craft Press or Heat Press
Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1: Using a pencil trace the outline of the wine bag on paper. You’ll notice it will not fit on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I solved this by using an extra piece of paper for the top portion. 

Step 2: I wanted my Barbie bag to capture the spirit of the box she came in. Rummaging around my stamp drawer, I found first the Castle stamp and then the Clouds. Feeling it needed a bit more I found the Butterfly stencil to complete the design. I began by using black in to stamp the Castle

sublimation black stamp pad design on plain paper

Step 3: Then using my Butterfly stencil, and stamp blending brush, I stenciled butterflies flying away from the castle, also in black ink.

Step 4: Stamp over these designs using the Cloud stamp. I wanted to keep the dreamy look so I went with a more ombre’ color shift from pink, to purple to blue.

secured sublimation wine bag to design with heat tape 

Step 5: Place your bag onto your artwork. Tape in place using protective heat tape. It is double-sided so it does not matter which side you start with. 

Step 6: Create your "Sublimation Sandwich". Layer your artwork taped bag between two pieces of protective paper. 

sublimation project with protective paper before transfer

Pro Tip: Because I created with sublimation stamp pad ink, the design is not rich with ink. If you went heavy with sublimation paint, for example, you will want to add a third piece of protective paper inside the bag to prevent the ink from going through to the other side.

protective paper in aluminum foil box

Pro Tip #2: To keep your protective paper neat and help you easily cut it. Recycle your aluminum foil box when you are done with it. The box perfectly fits the roll, (those little push tabs on the end hold it in place in the box) and there is even a blade to cut it with! 

sublimation stamp pad design on wine bag after transfer

Step 7: Time to make the magic! Placing your sublimation sandwich artwork side up, press your project for 45 seconds at 400. After the time is elapsed do a peek test to see if your colors transferred fully. (Optional) Repeat with the top portion of the bag. 

sublimation wine bag with artesprix stamp pads

Step 8: My colors transferred beautifully so it was time to reveal my design. 

I am so pleased with how this project turned out! The colors are so vibrant even on this burlap bag! Between that and the design, I feel the bag captures the character of the box design perfectly. Now all I have left to do is place Barbie and her accessories in her bag and pack into a shoebox gift! 

If you're attending the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Schaumburg, IL this weekend, stop by the Baggage Check area to say “Hi” to Barbie (and her storage bag)! They will be on display during the fundraiser I coordinate for Operation Christmas Child. You could even find out how to win an Artesprix Sublimation Starter Kit. Interested in learning more about “Operation Christmas Child”?  There is still time to pack a shoebox gift for a child in need. National Collection Week is November 13-20. Visit for more information. 

These bags work so well for keeping Barbie and her accessories together. It’s nice to have a place for storage for Barbie and her accessories, plus this works great for travel. Don’t forget to visit the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are always sharing inspirational projects.

See you in Schaumburg! 

Betsy Burnett


  • Betsy, this is so clever and sweet! Whoever receives this special gift is in for a treat. Lots of great tips and ideas come to mind. Thank you for all you do for the Operation Christmas Child program and for sharing this super fun project!

    Posted by MargieH on August 29, 2023

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