Guest Designer Burlap Sublimation Wine Bag with Artesprix Paint

Hello All! My name is Lori and I am happy to be back as a Guest Designing over on the Artesprix blog. This project is for a personalized Wine Bag project using Artesprix Iron-on-Ink and Paint. This project will walk you through how to layer with Sublimation Ink, Paint, and Markers to create a final image full dimension, texture and interest. Be sure to check out the Quick Tips Mixed Media Video below for the step by steps.

sublimation wine bag project with artesprix iron-on-ink

 What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

It is an interesting and fun product that allows you to create a design on standard copy paper that can then be heat transferred onto surfaces (must have polyester in it or have a polyester coating). Once the project is transferred to the blank, it is lifetime permanent. Before Artesprix, you would need a fancy printer to experience this level of personalization, but not anymore! 


Artesprix Products:

Protective Project Mat

Sublimation Ink Pad - Black

Sublimation Acrylic Paint - Blue, Red, Black

Protective Paper

Wine Bag

Heat Tape

Sublimation Markers - Mauve

Other Products:

Computer Paper

Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz, Stamp Platform

Lori’s Cards and Creations - Sublimation Word Set

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Cut a piece of plain copy paper to the size of the Wine Bag, this will be your template. You can also measure how large you want your design to be and create a template that way too. 

sublimation wine bag template

Step 2: Apply Blue Sublimation Acrylic Paint to a silicone mat or a non-porous surface, and spread to thin layer with a palette knife.

sublimation acrylic paint on silicone mat

Step 3: To create shapes, ink up an object (like a piece of PVC pipe) by placing it down into the blue paint.

PVC pipe stamped in sublimation ink  

Step 4: Stamp onto copy paper as desired. 

stamped sublimation paint with PVC pipe on wine bag template

 Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 using different shapes, colors, and sizes.

sublimation paint designs stamped on wine bag template

Step 6: Add more dimensions using Sublimation Stamp Pads. You can use sublimation stamps or using a mirroring tool for any traditional text stamps you may have. If you use design stamps, without text, you do not have to use a mirroring tool, but do know that your design will be the reverse. 

stamped designs with paint and stamp pads on paper

Step 7: Another way to add dimension is to splatter paint on your paper. To prepare for splattering, add water to thin paint and using a fan brush, add a splatter design to the paper. 

sublimation iron-on-ink design with paint, stamp pads, and markers

Step 8: You can also use Sublimation Markers to create a block of color.

completed sublimation artesprix iron-on-ink design before transfer

Step 9: Once you've added all the Iron-on-Ink to your template and it is completely dry it is time to transfer. Secure the paper onto the wine bag (face down) with heat safe tape.

sublimation design secured to blank before transfer

Step 10: Cut 3 pieces of protective paper larger than your design. Place one inside the Wine Bag to prevent ink from going through to the other side, another underneath to protect the backside of the blank, and one on top to protect your heat platen. If there is no ink after the transfer process on your Artesprix Siliconized Paper, you can reuse it for your next project.

sublimation project with protective paper before transfer

Step 11: Transfer in accordance to the recommended time and temperature for the Wine Bag. If your heat source can reach 400℉, transfer for 45 seconds. If your heat source only reaches 360℉, like with the Easy Press 1 for example, add 30 additional seconds to your transfer time. 

circut easy press completing sublimation transfer

Step 12: After your transfer time has finished, carefully lift up a corner of your paper, without removing any tape, to ensure your transfer was successful. 

completed sublimation craft iron-on-ink project after transfer

Step 13: Once you have confirmed your transfer was a success, peel back your entire sheet of paper to reveal your permanent, lifetime design.  

artesprix sublimation wine bag project with iron-on-ink

You can see these steps one after the other in this YouTube video. 

I hope you enjoyed my mixed Iron-on-Ink media project today. Whether you prefer sublimation markers, stamp pads, or paint, there are endless looks and designs you can create with Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies. These products are truly great to work with and offer so many creative options! If you would like to see more Artesprix projects visit my YouTube Channel or the Artesprix Facebook Group

Happy Day! 

Lori Warren

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