Can you “Believe” how Fun this Iron-on-Ink Coaster Project turned out?

It’s Tanya again and this is my second project with the Artesprix Design Team!

A few weeks ago I was lost in thought over this project. I looked up from my sketch pad and noticed my husband was watching the old X-Files. At that moment I caught a glimpse of Mulder’s,“I Want to Believe” poster. That’s it! What are all things that people WANT to believe in? Without getting too spiritual, I leaned into all those things you are not sure of, but that you kind of wish were true. You know, Bigfoot, UFOs, Santa, and in Louisiana, the Saints. 

So this evening I am doing a few illustrations of these elusive creatures on the Artesprix Textured Coaster blanks.

What are Sublimation Markers?

Any art tool that allows people be more creative at expressing themselves is something I gravitate to.  The sublimation markers allow anyone to create their own original artwork and transfer to any dye sub substrate!!! This really changes the “homemade” gift game. As an art educator, Artesprix will definitely be added to some of my classes.  I’ve pulled out my old sketchbooks and have begun choosing which of my art pieces will looks great using the markers. So far, the fine tip black marker is my favorite!!


Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1. Find a design you want to use. Then, sketch your design on your tracing paper. I sketched 4 drawings representing Big Foot, Santa, a UFO and the Saints logo.Trace design on copy paperStep 2. Next, I placed the tracing paper on top of a piece of copy paper so that the designs would transfer. This is a great trick to use for mirroring designs. Burnishing with a spoon.mages transferred to the copy paper.Step 3. Next I colored in the designs with the Artesprix Iron-on-ink markers. I waited a few minutes to make sure that it was dry before I added the text. I also cut out the image to make it easier to place on the separate coasters. Make sure to leave enough space around the traced textured coaster so that the Artesprix Heat Tape has somewhere to go. 

*Pro Tip: If you go over the wet paper too many times it can degrade the paper.*Color using Iron-on-Ink MarkersColor using Artesprix MarkersI apparently "believed" I could draw Santa freehand.Color design on copy paperStep 4.  I used a lint roller over the coasters to pick up any fuzz. I could probably blow any off the top of the hard surface, but why start breaking this habit now. 

Step 5. I place the coasters with the artesprix design face down to the traced coaster boarders. I only needed to tape on two sides for a secure hold. Make sure you do not get the heat resistant tape over any part of your iron-on-ink design. Because these are all made of the same material you can press them all individually or all at once! 

Step 6. Using the siliconized release Artesprix Protective Paper, cut two pieces for your Sublimation Sandwich. To make a Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich place one sheet of Protective Paper on the bottom, then the design (face down to your blank but on top), and then another sheet of Protective Paper.Coaster is sandwiched between 2 sheets of the Artesprix Protective Paper.

Step 7. I set the Artesprix Heat Press for 90 seconds and at 400F degrees. When ready, close the clamp!

Step 8. Before removing any tape, do a Peak Test to ensure you got a good transfer to your blank. Once you see you successfully transferred your design to your Textured Coaster blank, rip off that band aid! The big Artesprix reveal.Artesprix Sublimation Textured Coaster ProjectStep 9. I repeated those same steps to transfer other remaining Textured Coaster designs.The Big RevealStep 10. Enjoy your final project! The Big RevealMaybe this will get your wheels spinning. Just think of all the things you could make as special gifts! If you start now you will have everything easily made by Dec 16th….you know, the last day to ship ground. 

If you are ready start, visit Artesprix to get a few sets of these great coasters and you might as well a few more items while you are at it!

Don't forget to PIN one of the photos to your Pinterest boards for your next sublimation craft project!

Thank you for joining me!

Until next time,



  • OMG these are so cute!! I love the designs you chose

    Posted by Sarah Clark on June 03, 2021

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