Decorating for Fall with Artesprix Sublimation Markers!

Decorating for fall: Create beautiful autumn-inspired home decor with Artesprix Sublimation Markers & a Decorative Metal Panel

We have a covered front porch and I love to decorate for fall. Even better: decorating for fall with Artesprix markers and a design I already own and love. It’s so easy to find images that match my home’s outdoor decor.

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decorative fall home decor made with artesprix sublimation markers

How Artesprix Sublimation Markers Work

These heat sublimation markers contain an ink that, when heated at a high temp, turns into a gaseous dye that permeates the blank. This transferred image will not fade or blur and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Supplies You Need for Decorating for Fall with Artesprix


Note: I used a purchased image from Design Bundles but you can draw your own design directly on the copy paper, stamp an image using the Artesprix stamp pad and acrylic block, or even use a light box to trace and image with a pencil.


Decorate for Fall Step by Step

Step 1: Load your design into your cutting machine design studio. Apply plain copy paper to cutting mat and load. I use a pen adapter compatible with my machine loaded with a pencil. Remember to mirror your design before sending! Set the machine to sketch and send to the machine.

cutting machine with a pencil for decorating for fall

Step 2: Color in the design using Artesprix markers. I am IN LOVE with this color palette for decorating for fall.

decorating for fall with artesprix markers

Pro-Tip: Look twice at your design before pressing to ensure you’ve filled in all the spaces. It’s easy to overlook small areas, like I did here. See the “O” in the leaf? I forgot to color it in but noticed it right before I pressed.

Step 3: Place the decorative metal panel face down on the design and secure with heat tape to ensure neither the blank nor the design shift when pressure is applied.

Step 4: Create a sublimation sandwich with two pieces of protective paper: one on the bottom, layer the blank and design, and finish the top with another layer of protective paper on top. Flip the entire sandwich back over so that the design is closest to the heat source.

Step 5: Press at 400 degrees for 90 seconds. Remove from the press and allow to cool.

How to Display Your Autumnal Decorative Metal Panel

The metal panel includes an easel that can be applied so the panel will stand on its own. Simply bend the easel back at the notches, remove the sticker backing and apply to the bottom of the panel. This feature allows for you to design your panel in landscape OR portrait mode. Cool, right?

I placed my panel with some mums and pumpkins on our covered porch. I will be able to enjoy it all season long and next year, too!

Are you decorating for fall with Artesprix? We’d love to see your creations in the Iron On Ink Inspirational Facebook Group!

Need some more panel inspiration? Nicole made this beautiful Decorative Metal Panel you might enjoy.

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decorate for fall with artesprix sublimation markers

Thank you for joining me today! I’ll see you soon!


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