Fourth of July Magnets using Artesprix Markers & Cricut Joy

Hello everyone, my name is Deanna Mulder and I am the featured Guest Designer for June for Artesprix. I’m excited to be playing with Artesprix Markers and Sublimation Magnets today. There are so many possibilities with these Magnets and these are a great beginner blank. With the Fourth of July holiday coming up I thought it would be fun to make some Magnets to display my grandkids artwork on the fridge door.

sublimation magnets with artesprix markers

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What is Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?

Artesprix has inks, paints, markers that are specially formulated to give anyone the opportunity to do sublimation projects without any special printers or equipment. Using copy paper, Artesprix ink, and compatible surfaces, anyone can create designs then apply it to sublimation blanks with heat, even a home iron! 

artesprix markers sublimation magnets heat tape


Magnets 4Ct

Sublimation Markers-Basic Chisel

Sublimation Markers-Pastel Chisel

Sublimation Markers-Bold Chisel

Protective Paper

Heat Tape

Copy Paper

Cricut Joy Xtra

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Trace the outline of the Magnets with a pencil on plain copy paper. Then measure your template or the blank. These Magnets are 2.5" across. 

sublimation magnet template on plain paper

Step 2: Open Cricut Design Space and find a hexagon shapes that matches the Artesprix Magnets. Duplicate the shape four times, change images to "Draw", and change the guides back to a "Basic Cut" and make white.

cricut design space with artesprix design

I then attached my drawing images to the hexagon shape so my Cricut would draw and cut my images. Remember you need to mirror your image if it has text on it.

Step 3: Load your copy paper onto the mat and load the mat into the machine.  Replace the cutting blade with the Artesprix Sublimation Marker. The software will tell you when to change pen colors based on the colors of the pen you chose for each part of your drawing.

artesprix marker in circut joy

Pro Tip: When loading the Artesprix Marker, push it in until you can just see the tip when looking below. If you go farther than that, the marker will not lift off the page and will leave lines wherever it goes. I would suggest a test run before starting your project. But it's also just copy paper so trial and error isn't a big deal! 

Pro Tip#2: Double check that you remembered to mirror. 

artesprix marker SVG design before coloring

Step 4: Select "Make it". When the machine is finished drawing and cutting, unload your mat. Remove the designs from your mat. 

finished artesprix marker design for sublimation magnets

Step 5: Color your designs using Artesprix Sublimation Markers. There are 30 colors to choose from but red, white, and blue is the theme for this project.

Step 6: Once your designs are colored it’s time to tape the transfers to the Magnets. Line up your designs as desired and secure with Heat Tape, ensure the white side touching the design.  

Secured design to sublimation magnet

Step 7: Now it’s time to build your "Sublimation Sandwich". Cut a piece of protective paper large enough to fit all four Magnets. Position the secured Magnets on the protective paper with the design face-down on top. Add another piece of Protective Paper on top. 

sublimation project in heat press

Step 8: Now it's time to sublimate the Magnets. I used my heat press to do my Magnets. I pressed them at 400℉ for 75 seconds. When they are done remember they will be very hot, especially because they are metal. 

Step 9: Use heat protective gloves to take a peek. Without removing any tape out of place, peel back the copy paper to confirm you got a bright transfer. If you did not, you can re-press since the transfer was not moved out of place.

sublimation magnet with artesprix markers

Step 9  When the Magnets are cool enough to touch, it’s time for the big reveal. I love how these 4th of July Magnets turned out.

finished artesprix magnets with sublimation markers

Don’t these Magnets look great holding my grandkids artwork?! I can think of so many ideas with these Magnets and the Markers. I had so much fun making them. This is a great beginner project for anyone looking to try sublimation. It would be so fun to have your kids draw or color a small picture. Sublimate it and add it to a little gift bag of goodies for a teacher thank you gift.

artesprix magnets with sublimation markers

There are lots more Artesprix products and blanks to explore. For more inspiration join the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Facebook Group. Also, be sure to stop by the Artesprix Blog for inspiration and how-to’s.

Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to see what you make!

Deanna Mulder 

**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.** 



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