How to Use Iron-On-Ink with Sublimation Vinyl

Learn how to create an Iron-on-Ink Project on any blank using SUblimation Vinyl!

Did you know you can use Artesprix Iron-on-Ink markers on non-polyester blanks when you pair them with sublimation vinyl?

Hello, Iron-On-Inkers! Gina here with a super cute and fun Iron-on-Ink project using this adorable jute messenger bag. You heard me right! These amazing thermal transfer markers can be used on non-polyester blanks when you pair them with sublimation vinyl! Mind blown. This opens up the sublimation world for me in a whole new way. Let’s get to inking!

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iron on ink used with sublimation vinyl

How Sublimation Markers Work

If you’re not familiar with Artesprix Sublimation Markers, you may be wondering how they work without fancy equipment like a sublimation printer or ink. The markers are designed to add your original art using a dye sublimation heat process. The markers hold the ink that you use to draw and design on plain copy paper. The heat process, whether it’s a heat press or your own home iron, turns the ink into a gaseous form that permeates the polyester or polymer blank and creates a lasting image; no fading here. Your image lives on forever!

How to Use Iron On Ink with Sublimation Vinyl



  • Artesprix Heat Press
  • Cutting Machine
  • Weeding tool
  • Vinyl Scraper

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Prepare the jute messenger bag with the heat transfer vinyl. I am a total newbie when it comes to heat transfer vinyl so I followed the instructions on this Grilling Apron Post to apply the vinyl to the jute. (note: heat press at 310 degrees Fahrenheit, pressing 15 seconds)

Step 2:

Choose your design or draw your own. Some ideas for designs: coloring book pages.

I used my Silhouette cutting machine with the pen adapter to hold the Artesprix fine tip black marker, to ink the design onto the copy paper.

Step 3:

Color in the design using an assortment of Artesprix sublimation markers. I LOVE the assorted tips: the fine tip is perfect for getting into small spaces; the round tip and the chisel tip are great fro coloring bigger spaces.

PRO TIP: Washi tape can secure your design while you color. The copy paper may roll a bit after you remove it from the cutting mat. Washi tape can be removed easily and it doesn’t rip the paper.

Step 4:

Cut down the copy paper design. You’ll want to leave about an inch space around the design.

Step 5:

Fire up your heat source: I’m using the Artesprix heat press set at 400 degreed Fahrenheit for 60 seconds.

Place the image face down over the vinyl. Use the heat tape to secure the copy paper to the blank.

Prepare the Design for Pressing

Step 6:

Create a “sublimation sandwich” with the protective paper. Place one piece of the siliconized paper on bottom. Add your jute bag and taped design. The design needs to be closest to the heat source. Add a final piece of protective paper on top.

Step 7:

Press for 60 seconds. Remove the sandwich from the press and allow to cool. You may want to perform a little “peek test” to ensure your design has transferred successfully. Lift a tiny section without removing the heat tape or shifting the design and peek under to see if your image transferred.

sublimation vinyl and iron on ink pumpkin on jute

It’s so easy to use iron ink with sublimation vinyl. I love how the design shimmers on the glitter HTV.

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how to iron on ink with sublimation vinyl

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