Inspire T-shirt with Iron-on-Ink

Hello Artesprix fans! Nicole from the Artesprix Design Team back on the blog with you today to share with you another cute shirt I created using the Pastel Sublimation Markers (my favorite). For this project you do not need stamps or a die cutting machine! All you need is PicMonkey, a printer and Artesprix's Sublimation Markers! I designed an 8x11 canvas and added the graphics from the PicMonkey graphics to create the design of the shirt. Cool, right!? This was supposed to be for me...but then I realized I used a youth medium shirt… so, now it’s Edward’s. Scroll down to see how easy this shirt is to make.

Sublimation DIY T-shirt with Iron-on-Ink Markers

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers have the capability to transfer your drawings from a plain copy paper to any Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Blank with a unique process called, "'Sublimation."


Gnomie Botanical and Pastel Artesprix Markers

Printed Design from your computer

Heat Tape

Protective Paper

Project Mat

Lightbox or window

Plain Copy Paper

Heat Source - Artesprix Heat Press

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: To begin, I used PicMonkey to create the design on an 8.5x11" canvas.

inspire DIY Subliamtion tShirt design

Step 2: Then, I printed the image out in color so I could see the image through clearly. Next, I placed it against the window with another piece of copy paper on top of the printed image.

Sublimation DIY T-shirt with inspirational design

Step 3: Now, the fun part… coloring in the images.

Pro Tip: Set your Heat Press to 370℉ and 35 seconds, so it will pre-heat while you create!

Sublimation Marker T-shirt design

Step 4: Your standard 8.5x11" copy paper is the perfect size paper and it fits nicely on the center of the Youth T-shirt. Your colors may look muted on the paper but that will change once we add heat. 

Step 5: Prep your T-shirt. Because sublimation and moisture don't mix, it is a good idea to lint roll and pre-press your fabric blank. Lint roll your shirt, then press for 5 seconds, using protective paper to ensure your shirt stays white. This will also help remove any wrinkles before transferring your design. 

Step 6: I secured the design (face-down) to one side of the Poly-T Shirt using heat tape. Be sure to secure all sides of the image using heat tape to avoid slipping because if it's not secured, you may get a ghost image.

Sublimation Marker T Shirt Inspire Kid Design

Step 7: Place the Artesprix Protective Paper in-between your shirt to prevent your design from transferring through to the other side of your garment. Now, you are ready to create a "Sublimation Sandwich", from bottom to top:

  • Artesprix Protective Paper
  • Artesrpix Poly T Shirt with design secured (face-down) on top, with Artesprix Protective Paper inside
  • Artesprix Protective Paper

Artesprix Craft Heat Press Sublimation T Shirt

Step 8: Place "Sublimation Sandwich" in the heat press and transfer for 35 seconds. After pressing, allow the item to cool before handling.

Sublimation T-shirt Peek test

Step 9: Peek Test! Before removing any tape, take a sneak peek before removing the paper from the shirt to ensure you got a successful transfer. If you did not get a good transfer, check your time, temperature, pressure, and ensure your "Sublimation Sandwich" was not upside down under your heat source. 

Sublimation reveal DIY t-shirt

Step 10: Big Reveal! After your peek test, reveal your unique design! Notice how I blended in a few colors? I added ink to my fingers and smeared it over the colored images to change the look of the words. I really like it!

Sublimation Marker Inspire DIY design

If you're looking for more, check out Tanya’s shirt, here.

Thank you for visiting today! I hope you feel inspired! 


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