Iron-on-Ink Foiled Halloween Canvas Zip Case

Hi everyone! Gina here from the Artesprix Design Team and I have a really fun project for you all today. I wanted to spice up my fall accessories with a cheetah print so made a fun Iron-on-Ink Foiled Halloween Poly Canvas Zip Case for the season. I can't wait to show you how to create this Artesprix DIY project!  Artesprix Pumpkin Poly Canvas Zip Case

What you will need to create an Iron-on-Ink Foiled Halloween Poly Canvas Zip Case:


Poly Canvas Zip Case

Artesprix Markers

Protective Paper

Copy Paper

Heat Tape

EasyWeed Adhesive Vinyl

Decorative Foil


Silhouette Cutting Machine

Pen adapter

Heat Press

SVG Pumpkin File

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1. Load SVG file into your cutting machine’s design studio. Load Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Marker into the pen adapter. Send design to sketch.Iron-on-Ink design

Step 2. Fill in the design with an Artesprix chisel tip marker.Colored Iron-on-Ink design

Step 3. Tape design, face down, onto the poly zip case. Use heat tape to secure it to the blank.Iron-on-Ink design taped

Step 4. Make a sublimation sandwich with the Protective Paper. Using two pieces on the top and bottom, sandwich your Iron-on-Ink Foiled Halloween Poly Canvas Zip Case in between.  

Step 5. Set heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and press for 45 seconds.  

Step 6. Carefully remove heat tape to reveal sublimated poly zip case.Iron-on-Ink colored design transfer

Step 7. Cut out the same SVG image with the Easyweed adhesive vinyl. Cut away the pumpkin portion. Discard the rest. Apply the adhesive vinyl pumpkin over the heat sublimated pumpkin on the zip case. Make another sub sandwich with the protective paper.Easyweed SVG design

Step 8. Set the heat press to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and press for 10 seconds.Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich

Step 9. Allow the Easyweed adhesive vinyl to cool before removing the carrier sheet. 

Step 10: Once cooled, remove carrier sheet and place a piece of decorative foil over the adhesive pumpkin. Make sublimation sandwich with protective paper.

Step 11: Set heat press to 300 degrees Farenheit and press for 15 seconds. Allow to cool before removing the foil.

Step 12. The Iron-on-Ink Big Reveal. Don't you just love your Iron-on-Ink Foiled Halloween Poly Canvas Zip Case? Finished Iron-on-Ink Poly Canvas Zip Case

Happy Inking and I’ll see you again soon!



  • This is so cool!

    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on October 28, 2020
  • Very cute!!

    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on October 28, 2020

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