Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case Inspired by Sweater Pattern

Hey, Courtney here again creating a simple designed Poly-Canvas Zip Case for the upcoming holidays. Sweater patterns are so festive and can have very simple designs to help mimic a look onto a zip case. Artesprix Heat Transfer Markers is going to make this project so easy and fun to do. Let me show you how to make your next festive Iron-on-Ink project! Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case ProjectYou may be asking. What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers help move your ink based drawing or doodle to a polyester coated material while applying heat. When using these markers they provide you an edge to create freely and transfer your art to a permanent polyester fabric or coated material.

What you will need for your Poly-Canvas Zip Case Inspired Sweater Pattern:

Supplies for Iron-on-Ink ProjectMaterials:


Step-by-Step Tutorial for the Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case Inspired by Sweater Pattern:

Step 1: Start with a pencil trace sketching of the Poly-Canvas Zip Case to help keep all designs in-line with the dimensions of the zip case.

Trace Blank on Plain Copy PaperStep 2: Use the Iron-on-Ink Markers to design your masterpiece.

Color your design using Artesprix Sublimation MarkersStep 3: Place Zip Case on top of completed Marker design and add tape to back of Zip Case connected to copy paper. Add enough Heat Tape so that it is secure in place.Adhere Tape to Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case Step 4: On the Heat Press place a piece of Protective Paper down, the Poly Canvas Zip Case with copy paper on top and another piece of Protective Paper to top that sandwich off. Note: zipper fixture hangs outside of the heat press plate. With the Heat Press set to 400˚F, press the Sublimation Sandwich for 45 seconds.Artesprix Project in Heat PressStep 5: Let cool and do a simple peek test to insure the design transferred.  

Artesprix Peak Test to make sure Ink transferred Step 6: Using a little fabric glue, glue a ribbon to the top part of the bag and make a tiny ribbon bow and glue that on top of the other ribbon. Add a few other elements to the Poly Canvas Zip Case like the Holiday Enamel Pins I added.  

A completed Iron-on-Ink Poly Zip CaseAre you a DIY’er for holiday gifts? Did you enjoy this simple tutorial?

You can check out some really awesome tutorials done by the Artesprix Design Team Members on the blog. This festive T-Shirt created by Design Team Member Nicole is so fun!

Holiday Sign Off!

A handmade DIY gift is so heart warming to me. An Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case Inspired by Sweater Pattern is that extra personalized touch for a special person in your life. Artesprix Sublimation Markers makes that possible and that makes the DIY touches on gifting that much easier. 

I wish you a happy, merry and heart warming holiday for any holiday you will be celebrating.  

- Courtney



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