Shhhhh... Sublimation Artesprix Door Hanger

Hey y’all, It’s Tanya again. This Blank of the Month is the Artesprix Blank Door Hanger. For this design I wanted to create a drawing of a girl with her finger over her mouth as she says , “Shhhhh.” I thought the cartoon look would be cute. I also learned a few lessons along the way that I’d like to share with you.

Sublimation DIY Door Hanger with Sublimation markers

What are Sublimation Markers?

Any art tool that allows people be more creative at expressing themselves is something I gravitate to.  The sublimation markers allow anyone to create their own original artwork and transfer to any dye sub substrate!!! This really changes the “homemade” gift game. As an art educator, Artesprix will definitely be added to some of my classes.  

Sublimation Door Hanger Craft Supplies


Artesprix Door Hanger Blank
Artesprix Heat Tape
Artesprix Protective Paper Roll
Artesprix Iron-on-Ink- I used Original, Black and Pastel packs 
Copy/ Printer paper
Heat Source: Heat Press, Dry Iron, or Home Iron

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Trace the door hanger on your copy paper with pencil to use as a guide. 

Sublimation Door Hanger DIY with Sublimation Markers

Step 2: Put your door hanger aside and sketch out your design in pencil If you want to add text, it needs to be mirrored. 

Sublimation design DIY Door Hanger

Step 3: Using your Artesprix Iron-on-Ink sublimation markers, color in your image. 

Sublimation Door Hanger design with Artesprix Markers

Step 4: If you haven't already, set your heat press to 400° for 90 seconds or prepare your heat source.

Step 5: I decided to pre-press this blank, which is not always necessary, I will elaborate on this later.

(Pre Press = something that sublimators do to prep their blank. The main purpose is to wick out any moisture, which can attribute to "ghost" transfer. You simply press it under the high heat with no transfer for approximately 5 seconds.)

Sublimation DIY Door Hanger heat tape

Step 6: I placed the door hanger face down on my drawing and secured it using Artesprix heat tape.

Note: I used to not use a lot of tape, but I have discovered it really helps if you need to fix a mistake. I have pressed my design with my "Sublimation Sandwich" upside down before, and had to flip it over and re-press after the "peek test" and messed up my whole design because my paper fell off. So I tape, tape, tape.

Sublimation Door hanger heat transfer heat press

Step 7: Next, create a “Sublimation Sandwich” with a layer of Artesprix Protective Paper on the bottom, the door hanger with design facing up and another sheet of Artesprix Protective Paper all inside the heat press. You should be able to see though the top protective sheet and see the backside of your design.

Step 8: Press 400° for 90 seconds, then let cool.

Sublimation DIY Door hanger with sublimation markers

Step 9: Peek Test! Peek under the edge of the protective paper to check that your design transferred well. If your design is not bright, you can repress again since you have not shifted the design yet. Make sure you taped your design well, because you can easily shift the paper. (The photo above is from a version 1 of this project, where I colored in the skin.) If you did get a good transfer, reveal your project! 

Sublimation DIY door hanger with sublimation markers and heat press

Step 10: I think it came out pretty darn good! The most important step is to turn OFF your heat press, iron or whatever heat source you are using.

What I learned:

If you ever have “ghosting”, it means that you have a lighter print over a darker image. Usually it means your design shifted. For me, it happened after I peeked and decided to press again. Even the darker image wasn’t dark or vibrant enough, it looked faded. If I had used more tape, the design may have not shifted, and the repress may have been more accurate.

Sublimation DIY Door Hanger Sublimation Markers Sublimation DIY Door Hanger with Sublimation Markers

My next attempt didn’t ghost but it had the same faded look. That is when I decided to try to pre-press my blank. I read that any blank that is made from hardboard (which the door hanger is made from) can benefit from a short pre-press.

Sublimation DIY Door Hanger Sublimation Markers

My last try was maybe not perfect, but it was perfect to me, and that is what makes it DIY. 

Sublimation DIY Door Hanger with Artesprix Sublimation Markers

This blank is only available on for the month for August! Don’t forget to visit the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are always sharing inspirational projects. 

Craft on peeps!

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