Sublimation Galaxy Patch with Artesprix Paints

Hello and welcome! My name is Linh from LVHandcrafted and today I’m sharing a couple different ways to use masking to create fun galaxy backgrounds. Galaxy backgrounds are fabulous for all your blanks, especially smaller ones like the 3” Patches that are the June Blank of the Month! I'm going to show you how to "trust the process" of Galaxy background making, while also considering the muted sublimation designs before transfer. Don’t give up on your galaxy!
sublimation patch with artesprix iron-on-ink

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What are Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies
The word "sublimation" is a chemistry term that describes the process of a substance (like Iron-on-Ink) going from a solid state to a gaseous phase and skipping over the liquid phase. In the world of designing custom goods, sublimation offers a permanent way to transfer a design to a polyester surface. The result is a vibrant, custom designed product that is long-lasting and durable. If you’ve always wanted to try sublimation but thought you needed an expensive, specialty printer, you’re in luck because Artesprix makes it possible to sublimate without a sublimation printer! 

sublimation stamp pad polyester patch
Patch Blank
Sublimation Stamp Pad
Liquitex Masking Fluid
Masking Paper
Spellbinders Tunnel Clouds Die Set
Blending Brushes
Protective Paper 
Heat Tape 
Heat Tape Dispenser
Protective Project Mat 
Heat Resistant Gloves 
Multi Purpose Cleaner.
Heat Source
Copy Paper
Step-by-Step Tutorial: 
Step 1: Trace your patch blank onto some clear acetate (or clear plastic packaging) with a dry erase marker. Be careful not to get any unwanted ink on your white blank! 
patch template on clear acetate
Step 2: Splatter the Liquitex Masking Fluid all over your sheet of card stock. When you are happy with the coverage of splatters, let the masking fluid dry completely.
liquid masking fluid splattered on plain paper
Pro Tip: I recommend using a lightweight card (~65 lb Cover) so it can take a lot of ink and you can more easily blend. 
Pro Tip #2: The smaller the brush you use, the smaller the splatter you’ll get and vice versa.
sublimation stamp ink on plain paper
Step 3: Using a blending brush, or sponge to apply “splotches” of your brightest colors. I used Pink and Yellow. Leave plenty of white space around each splotch of color. Aim for irregular shapes and apply the ink more intensely towards the center and with a lighter hand along the outer borders.
sublimation stamp ink on plain paper
Pro Tip #3: I used ink pouncers because that’s what I had on hand but brushes of sponges will allow for easier circular blending motions.
Step 4: Start blending with your mid colors. I used Purple and Blue.  Start filling in the white space, making sure to also overlap the Pink and Yellow that’s already on the page. Aim to leave some areas still white/uninked (bare card stock).
sublimation stamp ink blended on plain paper
Step 5: Pick up your Black Sublimation Ink and start blending right over some of the blue and purple areas and any empty white space. Aim to still leave some areas that are light and cloudy, trust the process!
finished blended stamp ink on plain paper
Step 6: Continue to add more layers of the same colors. Mostly you’ll be using the Blue, Purple and Black until you’re happy with the contrast of dark vs. bright. Remember, sublimation ink will be brighter and vivid after it transfers.
finished sublimation stamp ink design on plain paper
Step 7: When your panel is dry, rub off the Liquitex Masking Fluid. You can use your fingers or a gum eraser. Make sure to get all the little splatters rubbed off. You can run your hand across the panel feeling for any bumps of masking fluid you might have missed.
template test with clear acetate
Step 8: Use the clear acetate with the blank outlined (from step 1) as a preview window to choose which part of your galaxy background you want to use.  
Step 9: Die cut a moon from the Tunnel Clouds die set or if you don't want to risk tearing your original design, use the Artesprix Heat Resistant Transfer Mask. 

Step 10: Tape your design to the textured side of the patch. blank to the design and trim around your blank.
secured design to sublimation patch
Step 11: Create a "Sublimation Sandwich" or in my case, a "taco". Place Protective Paper above and below your project to prevent ink from transferring to your work surface and heat source. 
Step 12: Transfer in accordance with the specifications for the patch. If you are using a Heat Press, set to 400℉ for 60 seconds. 
artesprix design on patch after transfer
Step 12: Time for the "peek test". Lift a corner of your design to see if your design has transferred to the patch. If the transfer doesn’t look as you intended, you can transfer again. This step is only possible if you do not move anything out of place.  
before and after artesprix sublimation patch
Step 13: Our "peek test" was successful so we can reveal the finished project!  
Step 14: Allow patch to cool, an hour is recommended.
Step 15: Adhering to preferred fabric or surface at 300 F for 15 seconds. Press into the backside of the patch. Layer as, Protective Paper, Decorated patch face down, fabric patch is being adhered to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Blank of the Month project on the Artesprix Blog!  If you try any of these masking techniques, please share it in the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Group on Facebook, we would love to see your creations. Be sure to use the tags #Artesprix and #IrononInk so we don't miss it. If you want to learn more about me and see more projects click here: @LVHandcrafted or catch other Artesprix tutorials on my YT Channel.
Thanks so much for checking out my project. Have a fabulous day! 
Linh Van
**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.**



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