Stamp Anniething Sublimation Rose Motif Beverage Caddy

Chelsea Rose here! I’m a mom, maker, baker, and military spouse. It’s July and Artesprix has a Beverage Caddy as their Blank of the Month. This sublimated rose motif beverage caddy will be so cute with sparkling lemonade or rosé. In this blog, we’ll cover how to do a tape resist to keep an area that’s getting stenciled clear so you have a blank space for another color, the leaves!sublimation beverage caddy with artesprix iron-on-ink

What is Sublimation?

When something has been sublimated it means the design was applied with sublimation ink. When heated the sublimation ink molecularly fuses to poly-based or poly-coated substrates (also known as blanks or substrates). Artesprix creates a line of sublimation mediums (markers, stamp pads, stamp pad refills, and acrylic style paint!) and offers compatible blanks and other supplies as well.

artesprix sublimation markers sublimation beverage caddy stamp anniething stencil


Artesprix Beverage Caddy

Artesprix Stamp Pads (Pink, Purple, Green)

Artesprix Marker 10 count

Stamp Anniething Roses Stencil

Mixed Media Paper

Painter’s Tape or Washi Tape


Blending Sponge (or Blending Brush)

Protective Paper

Heat Resistant Tape


Plastic Sheet


Heat Source: Home Iron or Heat Press

Step-by-step Tutorial:
Step 1: Trace your blank on paper with a pencil! Pencil will not interfere with your design.

sublimation beverage caddy stencil

Pro Tip: If you don’t have stamp blending brushes, you can use a makeup blending sponge, it will only be good for sublimation ink going forward so keep that in mind. 

sublimation beverage caddy template with resist designs

Step 2: Make leaf shapes out of painter’s or washi tape. Use a low-stick tape that will be able to peel off later without ripping your paper.

stamp anniething rose stencil on sublimation template

Step 3: Tape the stencil to one half of your project, this stencil from Stamp Anniething is perfect because it repeats! Just shift it over and it’s a perfect continuation of the design. 

Pro Tip #2: Cover the exposed side of your template with a spare scrap of paper to protect it from excess ink. Look for the design process on my youtube!

stamp anniething stencil design with artesprix sublimation stamp pads

Step 4: Concentrate the darkest value of color on the outside edges and fade to the lighter value in the center. I used the pink and purple stamp pads for a pink purple gradient. You may want to blot off the first parts of the color from your utensil to get a lighter color. A little Artesprix ink goes a long way!

stamp anniething stencil design with Artesprix iron-on-ink

Step 5: After the whole template has the stenciled design, peel off the leaf shapes to reveal the blank spaces. Add greens with Artesprix markers to color in some cute veined leaves in the pattern of roses. Use the almost dried out sponges to blend your design with the stark white background. You can outline some of the roses with the Artesprix markers, too!

artesprix sublimation beverage caddy secured before transfer

Step 6: Tape your completed design to the blank. Three or four pieces is fine when using a heat press. 

Step 7: Next, make a "sandwich" with Artesprix’s siliconized protective paper that goes around your blank and the secured design. From bottom to top it should be: protective paper, blank, design, protective paper, then heat source. This protective paper protects your heat press and equipment from the Iron-on-Ink. If you don’t have Artesprix’s brand, parchment paper will work. I will say that the Artesprix protective paper is professional quality for the home maker and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by it.

Step 8: This project presses at 400°F for 75 seconds. To double check the recommended press times go to Artesprix’s directions site.

Artesprix protective siliconized paper on project before transfer

Step 9: After 75 seconds has elapsed it’s time for the "peek test"! Be careful - the blank is hot! Try to peek without removing the tape, that way if the project needs more time, your design is still lined up which will prevent ghosting.

sublimation beverage caddy Artesprix design after transfer


Step 10: Once you have confirmed your transfer was successful, remove the entire design too see your transferred Iron-on-Ink project. 

sublimation artesprix stampa anniething design on beverage caddy

Step 10: After the beverage caddy cools, I will set it up with a pair of champagne flutes I hand painted that go along with the rose motif! So perfect!

stamp anniething design on sublimation beverage caddy with artesprix iron-on-ink

Whether it’s a picnic date with my boys or a little wind down on the patio with my husband, we can bring sparkling rose lemonade or rosé and have a decorative and refreshing centerpiece with our sublimated rose motif beverage caddy. This project will be coming back with us to the States for when I can get that delicious Belvior Elderflower Rose Lemonade again. 

Check out other ways to decorate the beverage caddy blank on Artesprix’s blog. If you want to see what I’m up to in Japan - come follow along over on instagram (I put lots of fun foods that we try in my stories).

Thank you for reading and we. would love to see what you sublimate with Iron-on-Ink!

Chelsea Rose 


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