Textured Coasters Under The Sea Themed

Artesprix Textured Coasters using Sublimation Markers

Learn how to create Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters

Hi everyone! It’s Nicole and I’m back with another fun project I created using Artesprix’s Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters and their Original Sublimation Markers! I always enjoy trying something new and this was fun! My son loves fishing so I thought I’d make some fun coasters for him for the summer.

To create Artesprix Textured Coasters, you will need the following:


1. Artesprix Textured Coasters

2. Artesprix Sublimation Ink-Black

3. Artesprix Original Sublimation Markers

4. Artessprix Acrylic Block

5. Heat Press or regular ironArtesprix 

6. Heat Tape

7. Artesprix Protective Paper Roll

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1. I traced the coasters onto white copy paper and then cut them out.

Step 2. I used the Sublimation Ink-Black to stamp the images onto the paper. This was my first time making coasters so I just played around with it! The next time I play with these coasters, I want to use stencils!

Iron-on-Ink design on copy paper.

Step 3. Once the images were stamped down on the paper, I used the Original Sublimation Markers to color in the sea creatures. I was going to color the background blue, but I kind of like a cleaner look so I kept it white.

Step 4. Then, I used the Heat Tape to tape the images on top of the coasters and made my Sublimation Sandwich.

Step 5. I popped these on my Heat Press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 seconds and I was all done!

Under the Sea Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters.

TIP: One thing I learned when it comes to using word stamps is that it is MUCH easier to stamp the image, flip backward, and trace it on the paper against the window. Do not do what I did and attempt to eyeball it… The letters will look off.

Iron on Ink text.
Iron-on-Ink design on Textured Coasters.

As you can see, this one turned out much better and that’s because I traced the image against the window. It was so much easier to see all of the letters.

Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters.
Set of 4 Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters.
Iron-on-Ink Textured Coasters.

What do you think about these Textured Coasters? I really like how the Artesprix Textured Coasters give you four blanks in a set. This gives you the opportunity to get extra creative with this particular project. Are you ready to make some of your own? Grab yours from the shop today! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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