Beverage Caddy

Create a gift that will not be forgotten! These personalized serving trays make a delightful present for special occasions -- housewarming parties, anniversary celebrations -- anytime you're serving a bottled beverage! The Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Beverage Caddy is a sublimation blank made from white hardboard with a glossy finish that will make your design shine. It’s incredibly easy to use, too! Simply insert the top of your bottle through the hole in the Caddy and hang two glasses off each end. Order a Beverage Caddy today for the perfect hostess gift, or make it a dozen and plan a fun girls-night with wine and crafts.
  • 5.25in x 9.5in x 0.25in
  • Hardboard Material
  • White Gloss Finish
  • One-Sided
    Beverage Caddy  75 400℉

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