Artesprix Flocked Sublimation T-shirt Project!

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Sublimate a Cotton T-shirt Using Flock HTV and Artesprix Markers

Learn how to design a customized Flocked HTV Artesprix Sublimation T-Shirt Project!

Recently I learned that I could use Artesprix sublimation markers on flocked and glitter heat transfer vinyl so you are able to use it on cotton shirts. I was so excited to play and test it out. I thought a little critter would be the perfect image to try on my Artesprix Flocked Sublimation T-shirt.

Finished Artesprix Flocked Sublimation T-shirt Project.



Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1:

I am using a wooden hedgehog shape blank as a template. The first step is to trace the outline of the hedgehog with a pencil on plain copy paper.

Trace your design outline with pencil on plain copy paper.

Step 2:

I wanted to test out if I colored in my hedgehog and added textured quills wether or not it would blend once its pressed or if the textured strokes would transfer, I colored the hedgehog in by drawing extra harsh lines.

Color in your you Iron-on-Ink design.

Step 3:

Trace the outline of the wooden hedgehog blank on your flock heat transfer vinyl and cut both hedgehogs. I made sure my both hedgehogs lined up this is important because if it’s not lined up exact some of the ink on your image could transfer to your surface if its too big. Or if it’s too small you could have a white space showing.

Step 4:

Heat your heat press based off of the press guide for your heat transfer vinyl. The flock htv is pressed at 320°F/160°C for 15-20 seconds. Before pressing your flock heat transfer vinyl make sure to press your blank shirt first to remove any moisture from the shirt. All you have to do is heat press your shirt for 10 seconds. Once its been pressed place your flock and cover it using the protective paper. Heat press the flock htv at 320°F for 15 seconds.

Step 5:

Once you have your flock htv in place take the hedgehog image that you colored in and cut out and place it facing down on the flock htv. Make sure to line up both hedgehogs exact and once you are happy with how its lined up use the heat tape to tape the image in place. Using tape is an important factor because the image could easily move when you press it down and could cause a shadow effect. Be sure to use the protective paper and cover the entire image before you press again. Something to remember though is to change the temperature on your heat press to 400°F before pressing your colored in image on to the flock htv.

Step 6:

Before you completely lift your image off of your shirt do a quick peek test to make sure everything is ok. Did all the colors transfer? Is the color vibrant? If yes, then go ahead and lift the colored piece off gently. As you can see the body of the hedgehog came out more blended together while the quilled parts you are able to see more strokes.

Step 7:

Now you could stop here with your new cute fuzzy hedgie BUT I decided to cut some htv using my cutting machine just to add a little more to the shirt.

I hope you enjoyed this project and give sublimating on cotton t shirts a try using subli heat transfer materials.

If you enjoyed this Iron-on-Ink Project be sure to check out Maria’s Coasters.

Happy Crafting! Ivy

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