Artesprix POKEMON T-Shirt Project

Hello! Nicole here with a fun t-shirt I created for my son, Edward! He is really into collecting Pokemon cards so I thought he would like to have a t-shirt with a few of his favorite characters!POKEMON picture 

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers have the capability to transfer your drawings from a plain copy paper to any Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Blank with a unique process called, "Sublimation."


Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1. To begin, I searched for a Pokemon image on Google. Once I found the image I wanted to use, I saved the image. Then I printed the image out in color so I could see through the lightbox easily.

POKEMON design for Iron-on-Ink project

Step 2. I flipped the printed image over and placed it on the lightbox. Using Sublimation Markers, I colored in the images. I used a Black Sublimation Marker to trace the images.

POKEMON Iron-on-Ink design

Iron-on-Ink Design

Step 3. I used the Original Sublimation and Pastel Sublimation Markers to color in the images.

Tip: If you accidently color outside the lines and you do not want that to show on the shirt, simply cover the area with a small piece of Heat Tape! The Heat Tape will prevent the Sublimation Markers from transferring onto the blank.

POKEMON Iron-on-Ink Design

Step 4. The 8x11 copy paper is the perfect size paper and it fits nicely on the center of the Youth T-shirt. I used a Tee Square It tool to determine where I wanted to tape down the image onto the shirt. 

T-Square It

Step 5. Once I was satisfied with the placement of the art work, I secured the design (face-down) to one side of the Poly-T Shirt using heat tape. Be sure to secure all sides of the image using heat tape to avoid slipping because if it's not secured, you may get a ghost image.

*Tip: Make sure there are not wrinkles on the shirt before placing the tshirt in the heat press. If there are wrinkles, you may end of with streaks!Artesprix Heat Tape for T-Shirt

Step 6. Place the Artesprix Protective Paper in-between your shirt to prevent your design from transferring through to the other side of your garment. Now, you are ready to create a "Sublimation Sandwich", from bottom to top:

Top: Artesprix Protective Paper
Middle: Artesrpix Poly T Shirt with design secured (face-down) on top, with Artesprix Protective Paper inside
Bottom: Artesprix Protective Paper

Artesprix Heat Press

Don't forget to set your Artesprix heat press timer for 35 seconds at 370 degrees. Place "Sublimation Sandwich" in the heat press. After pressing, allow the item to cool before handling. Also, make sure the knob is tight. You want as much pressure possible so that the heat press is hot enough to really make the images and colors pop.

I always love seeing the full reveal. I just love it! When I showed Edward the shirt, he said, "cute!" But he was being a typical 11 year old...and would not cooperate for a photo shoot! But most importantly, he loves it!

Artesprix Big Reveal

If you have children, what are they into these days? We'd love to hear...maybe, we can provide you with some inspiration with those characters to help you get started!?

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Finished Artesprix Poly T-shirt

I hope you had a great time on the blog today, thank you for visiting!

Nicole Martel


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