Beach Themed Bookmarks Using Iron-On-Ink Markers

Be sure not to forget to take your beach themed bookmarks next time you head to the beach!

Learn how to design custom bookmarks, you’ll never want to lose your place

Hello, crafty friends! Gina here, and I have some summery Beach Themed Bookmarks you can make and take to the beach! After this project, you can keep your place with these fun Iron-on-Ink bookmarks before you head into the water!

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beach themed bookmarks using iron on ink

How Do Iron On Ink markers Work?

These easy-to-use markers are used with plain old copy paper. Yep. That’s right. No fancy sublimation paper needed for this project. Simply use the markers to draw or color a design and let your heat source (I’m using the Artesprix heat press today) transform the ink into a gas that dyes the substrate or blank. Ready to create?

Supplies & Tools Needed

Making Beach Themed Bookmarks Step-by-Step

Step 1.

Download and print the beach themed bookmark template.

Step 2.

Trace your bookmarks printed designs onto a new piece of copy paper and trace designs. Just remember, if you plan on having any letters in your design they need to be any words you will need to mirror them. Artesprix always recommends using a clean sheet for your Iron-on-Ink design due to the unknown of makers ink in their printers that may affect your blank during the transfer process.

Step 3.

Use the Artesprix markers to color your designs. Now is a good time to turn on your heat source. I’m using the Artesprix Heat Press today. Set the temp to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4.

Cut out the design that follows your traced lines. Use the heat tape to secure the design, face down, onto the bookmarks.

Step 5.

After your heat pressed is warmed up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and set for 45 seconds, create a sublimation sandwich by laying down a piece of protective paper sheet on the top and bottom of your blank. Place the bookmarks on top, side-by-side. Finish the “sandwich” with a layer of protective paper on top. Press for 45 seconds.

Step 6.

Remove the bookmarks and let cool on the project mat. I like to give metal blanks a little longer to cool. After a few minutes remove the heat tape, and you’re ready to head to the beach with your favorite book!

beach themed bookmarks using iron on ink
beach themed bookmarks

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