Christmas Plaid Kitchen Towel with Iron-on-Ink Stamp Pads

Hello friends! It’s Sara from One Craft Avenue, and I’m back with another plaid sublimation project just in time for Christmas! I have been having so much fun with my sublimation stamp pads lately, and today we’ll be customizing a Kitchen Towel. We’ll pair our stamp pads with the perfect stencil from Heffy Doodle and our gel press plate. This blank is fantastic for this time of year, pair with some homemade baked goods or a bottle of wine for a personal touch! This is a very beginner friendly project, and you’ll only need two colors of sublimation stamp pads so, let’s dive right in!
sublimation kitchen towel with artesprix stamp pads
What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
Iron-on-Ink is a special ink that transferred to polyester fabrics/poly-coated items when it is heat pressed. The ink turns to a gas, and your sublimation design gets embedded onto your sublimation blank! This leaves you with a permanent and durable design. Artesprix sublimation stamp pads are formulated with Iron-on-Ink. This allows us to utilize our rubber stamps and/or stencils to create sublimation designs! Then, these designs can be transferred on a sublimation blank once they’re heat pressed!
sublimatin stamp pad polyester kitchen towel gel press plate Heffy doodle stencil
Kitchen Towel
Sublimation Stamp Pads
Heat Resistant Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Heffy Doodle Highlander Stencil
Mixed Media Paper
Gel Press
Blending Brush
Rubber Brayer
Heat Press
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Choose two or 3 sublimation stamp pad colors, I went with red and black to keep it festive and simple! Ink the Gel Press Plate with red, as a background color. After inking the plate with your sublimation stamp pad, go over it with your rubber brayer.
sublimation stamp pad red ink on gel press plate
Pro Tip: Using a brayer will help us achieve a blended and uniform-colored background for our design!
sublimation stamp red ink from gel press plate on paper
Step 2: Once you’re finished, lay your mixed media paper onto the gel press plate to pull the red Iron-on-Ink that we laid out.
Step 3: (Optional) For my towel, I’ll be sublimating this design on both ends so I repeated this step!

secured stencil to plain paper before sublimation stamp ink is applied
Step 4: Use masking tape to secure the plain stencil it in the center of your colored background!
Step 5: Use your black bending brush with sublimation stamp pad ink and apply color through the stencil. 
sublimation stamp pad ink colored over Heffy doodle stencil
Pro Tip #2: To achieve a two-colored plaid pattern, start by only coloring all the squares in the stencil one color. Then, color the remainder of the stencil with your other color of choice. So, I used my red sublimation stamp pads and a blending brush to fully color all the squares. After I finished, I used the black sublimation stamp pads for the rest of the stencil.
finished artesprix sublimation stamp ink design before transfer 
Step 6: One the design is finished and dry, cut down and around the design as desired for your final transfer. 
secured design to kitchen towel before transfer
Step 7: Tape your design face down on one end of the towel using heat resistant tape.
sublimation project with protective paper before transfer
Step 8: Cut two large pieces protective paper and apply them the top and bottom of the towel. The protective paper catches any extra Iron-on-Ink and keeps your Kitchen Towel white where intended.
Step 9: It is time to press your design! Your heat press should be set to 380°F and 60 seconds.
artesprix sublimation design on kitchen towel after transfer
Step 10: We recommended to peek at how your design transferred before removing any tape. If you peek and find that your colors are not bright, you can re-press your design. 
before and after sublimation artesprix stencil design on kitchen towel
Step 11: Once you've confirmed your transfer was successful, reveal your design! I absolutely love how these turned out!
Step 12: Allow first transfer to cool completely before repeating Steps 7-11 for other areas of the Kitchen Towel.
I love how the plaid pattern is centered with a colored background! I experimented with the same idea and used other colors, and both turned out beautiful! 
sublimation kitchen towel with Heffy doodle stencil and gel press plate
This was such a fun project for the holidays, and I hope you try making it yourself! This plaid towel would look amazing with your Christmas décor so make sure you grab one! If you’re gifting a crafter this season, check out Artesprix’s sublimation starter kit!
I hope today’s post inspired you to try it in your next crafting project! Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook! I am on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, let’s keep in touch!
Keep on crafting!
Sara Ali 


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