Sublimation Watercolor Artesprix Christmas Coasters

Hello all, Lori here, with another interesting Artesprix Sublimation Iron-on-Ink project. This design features a quick and easy way to use Sublimation Stamp Refill Ink as a watercolor to make festive coasters for the Holiday Season. This simple technique is the perfect companion to Sublimation Ink Refills and produces stunning results. The completed coasters made me so happy that I am thinking of making more as holiday gifts for my friends! You can find these Polished Coasters in a set of 4 in the Artesprix Shop, they would make great hostess gifts! 

Sublimation iron-on-ink stamp pad coaster Christmas set

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

It is an interesting and fun product that allows you to create a design on standard copy paper that can then be heat transferred onto surfaces (must have polyester in it or have a polyester coating). Once the project is transferred to the blank, it is lifetime permanent. Before Artesprix, you would need a fancy printer to experience this level of personalization, but not anymore! 


Protective Project Mat

Sublimation Ink pad – Black

Sublimation Stamp Ink refills – red, green, orange, brown.

Polished Coasters

Heat tape

Protective paper

Stampers Anonymous – Cozy Christmas

Sizzix – Christmas Phrases

Computer Paper

Heat Press

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Cut a piece of copy paper slightly larger than the size of your blank.

sublimation polished coaster template on plain paper

Pro Tip: Use a circle die to cut a circle at least 4.5" for the round coaster, this can be helpful in the design phase. 

Step 2: With Black Sublimation Ink Pad, stamp snowman image onto copy paper. I used a stamp press and stamped 4 separate images, 1 for each coaster.

sublimation stamp pad design with artesprix ink

Step 3: Add drops of Sublimation refill ink (red, brown, green and orange) onto craft mat to use as a watercolor. Dilute with water as needed.

sublimation stamp pad refill ink

Step 4: Dip paintbrush into the ink and add color to the stamped image. No need to be super neat for this watercolor effect. Set aside to dry.

sublimation stamp ink design with for coaster

Step 5: Prepare a piece of copy paper for the phrase die cut by applying black ink with a stamp pad directly to paper. Allow to dry. 

die cut sentiments for sublimation project

Step 6: Cut the inked paper to the proper size for the die machine. Place paper (ink-side down) onto the cutting mat with die on top to cut out the “reverse” image of the word. The inked word should be backwards, as shown in the image.

sublimation text from stamp die cut set

Step 7: With a small dab of glue, adhere the die cut word over the stamped snowman element. The “inked” side of the word should be facing up.

sublimation design with artesprix stamp ink

Step 8: We are ready to transfer! Secure the design by placing the right side of the coaster to the right side of the stamped image and secure it with heat tape.

secured sublimation blank before transfer

Step 9: Prepare heat press to appropriate heat/time settings, this blank calls for 400℉ and a transfer time of 60 seconds. Make a "Sublimation Sandwich" by placing the secured coaster on a piece of protective paper with the design face-down on top of the coaster. Cover with protective paper and transfer. 

sublimation artesprix design on coaster after transfer

Step 10: After 60 seconds has elapsed, conduct a "peek test" to ensure the transfer was successful (do not remove tape until you have confirmed it was a success). Check your time, temperature, pressure, "Sublimation Sandwich" set-up, and re-heat press, if necessary.

before and after transfer of artesprix design

Step 11: Remove paper to reveal the transferred design. Repeat the above process for each coaster. 

artesprix iron-on-ink design on sublimation coaster

I hope you enjoyed this Polished Coaster project and will give Artesprix Sublimation products a try for your next creation. My holiday gift making is going to center around these products this year as I have many unique sublimation gift ideas floating around in my head. If you're looking to give the gift of Artesprix, check out the Sublimation Starter Kit currently featured in the Artesprix Shop! 

Happy Day! 

Lori Warren

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