Decorative Metal Panel using Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Markers!

Learn how to design a custom DIY Decorative Metal Panel for a child’s bedroom

Create a Metal Panel Using Sublimation Iron-on-Ink

Hello everyone! Its Nicole from Artesprix Design Team. About a month ago, my son googled some images and cut them out and pasted them on copy paper. Then, he added his own drawings here and there. I decided to surprise him with this adorable Decorative Metal Panel. I took his work and copied it on copy paper. Then, I used the Black Sublimation Marker to trace along the images so that I could then color them in and make a fun Decorative Metal Panel for his bedroom!

completed Decorative Metal Panel.

Step 1.

To begin, I copied and printed Edward’s original artwork on copy paper. Then I used a black Sublimation Marker to trace along the edges of the images. Once I was finished tracing all the details, I colored them in using Sublimation Markers.

Colored in Decorative Metal Panel.

Step 2.

Next, I used heat tape to tape the image face down on the Decorative Metal Panel. Make sure the Metal Panel is white side up and the image is taped down with the colors faced down.

Flip over Decorative Metal Panel.
Tape design to blank.

Step 3.

Create your Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. One piece of Protective Paper goes at the top and bottom of the Decorative Metal Panel.

Create Sublimation Sandwich.

Step 4.

Set heat press for 90 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your blank in the Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich in the Heat Press. Be sure that your image is facing upwards towards the heat.

Use Artesprix Heat Press.

Step 5.

Allow the Metal Panel to sit for five minutes to cool down. Remove the Iron-on-Ink from the panel and admire your beautiful Artesprix Decorative Metal Panel!

Step 6.

Don’t forget to add the stand to your panel. Simply remove the protective plastic film from the easel and apply as desired. I love how you can make this panel a horizontal or vertical design depending on your personal preference.

Completed Sublimation Decorative Metal Panel.

Stop by the Artesprix website to see all the cool things you can make using blanks and Sublimation Markers!!

They are so much fun and once you get started, you won’t want to stop! Thanks for visiting today. If you loved this Decorative Metal Panel make sure to check out Ivy’s 4th of July Pet-Bandana!

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