DIY Stamped Hula Girl Sublimation Tumbler with Artesprix

Hi everyone! It’s Mandie, back again with another fun idea for your next Iron-on-Ink project! Summer is the perfect time to sit out on the patio with a nice cold drink. What better way to enjoy your drink but in a custom tumbler that you personalized yourself? These tumblers have a unique shape that requires a crafting oven and some additional tools outside the usual sublimation supplies. If you have a designated craft oven that you use for polymer clay, that it perfect for these tumblers! 

Stamped Hula girl tumbler with Artesprix Inks

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What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
Iron-on-Ink is an innovative craft sublimation medium to create unique designs that you can transfer to a endless selection of blanks. You can create some amazing one-of-a-kind gifts that will last a lifetime. When the finished sublimation design is combined with heat and pressure, the ink turns into a gas and binds to the polyester fabric or poly-coated blank leaving you with a permanent transfer. Between Artesprix's plethora of Iron-on-Ink products and the endless amount of compatible sublimation blanks, the possibilities are endless! Artesprix is fabulous because you don’t have to invest in an expensive printer to create some very cool projects right in your home! Plus, if you’re more “hands on” or “hands inky” like me, I feel you can get so much more creative with the Sublimation Inks, Paints and Markers that Artesprix offers.

sublimation tumbler pink and main stamps artesprix Iron-on-ink

Heat Tape
Sublimation Stamp Pads
Sublimation Wrap 
Acrylic Block
Pink and Main Stamps 
Heat Gun
Copy Paper
Craft Oven
Project Mat
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Measure the flat surface of your Artesprix Blank Tumbler (above where it curves) to determine about how tall your design can be. Then grab your stamps and Brown Stamp Pads and stamp your designs onto plain copy paper. 

stamped pink and main designs with artesprix stamp ink

Step 2: To color the designs, I used my stamp pads, paint brush, and water to them in.

sublimation stamp ink as watercolor

Simply stamp the color onto your craft acrylic block or craft mat/any non-porous surface to paint the design. You can mix the colors to create any custom colors you prefer.

colored designs with artesprix sublimation markers

Step 3: Remove the plastic lid, adhesive labels, and loose parts from the Artesprix Blank Tumbler.
Pro Tip: Set your Craft Convection Oven to 350 to preheat while you prepare your tumbler.

secured design to tumbler with heat tape
Step 4: Leaving enough of a blank area around each design to secure with Artesprix Heat Tape , trim each transfer down. If you have multiple designs, cut them out individually and tape as desired. 
Pro Tip #2: Only use Heat Tape on the outer edge of your design, not over it, as the heat resistant characteristic of the tape will affect the consistency of the transfer. Feel free to trim down pieces of Heat Tape to work to your advantage. 

tumbler with sublimation wrap before transfer in oven

Step 5: Place your Tumbler into the Artesprix Sublimation Wrap and use the Heat Gun to shrink the wrap to fit the tumbler. Work quickly and move from area to area so the wrap doesn’t overheat, we just need the heat to shrink the wrap so it acts as our pressure during the transfer process.
Step 6: Place the Tumbler into the designated Craft Toaster/Convection Over. Place vertically and bake for 5 minutes. Safety first, do not leave your craft oven unattended. 

sublimation tumbler after oven time before artesprix transfer reveal

Step 7: I could clearly see the design through the Wrap when the Artesprix design had fully transferred so I am confident I got a great transfer. Then I carefully removed my Tumbler from the oven. 
Pro Tip #3: Tumbler will be extremely hot. Use Heat resistant gloves, or an oven mitt to remove from the oven. it is easier to remove the Tumbler Wrap hot but you must use tools like scissors and tweezers, use caution not to scratch your tumbler! You can alternatively allow it cool. 

artesprix design on tumbler after transfer

Step 8: Do a Peek Test. Remove part of the Wrap and see if you can see your design on the inside of your wrap. If you didn't get a good transfer, check your temperature time, remove the wrap, leave your design taped, use a new Sublimation Wrap and bake again. 
Step 9: Make sure to turn off your oven when you’re finished. Once your Tumbler is completely cool, fill with your beverage of choice and enjoy the game! 

artesprix tumbler with sublimation stamp ink

How fun was that? Transfer stamped designs to a sublimation tumbler, without a fancy printer! These can be used in the dishwasher because the transfer is lifetime permanent. Make one for an upcoming themed party or host a group craft night with friends where everyone can make one! Check out the Artesprix Inspiration Facebook Group for even more great project ideas!   

Stay crafty, 

Mandie Wade
**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.** 


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