Floral Fun Sequin Pillow with Artesprix

Hello there! Kristina Hein here today. I’m super excited to be a Guest Designer for Artesprix! I’m generally a cardmaker/papercrafter but have gotten hooked on using Artesprix sublimation products. It blew me away just how easy it is to use their sublimation markers! Let’s dive in and take a look at my project with their Sublimation Sequin Pillow! How fun is that?!Sublimation sequin pillow with artesprix markers
What are Sublimation Markers?
Sublimation Markers and Ink Pad have a special formulation of ink.  With copy paper, home iron or heat press and a polyester or polyester coated blank you can create your very own sublimated project.  When heat is applied it causes the inks to transfer and adhere/sink into the blank. This becomes a vibrant, permanent image that will last a lifetime! 
sublimation markers and stamp pad polymer stamps mixed media paper
Materials used: 
Original Sublimation Markers
Heat Tape
Protective Paper
Sequin Pillow Case
Sublimation Ink Pad
Heat Press
Mixed media paper 
Assorted stamps from Altenew
Masking paper
Copy paper
16” Pillow form
Acrylic blocks
Paint brush
Water bottle sprayer
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Normally to create your template, you would trace around your blank to create a space for your design. I specifically cut my paper to be smaller than the Sequin Pillow Case so no traced template needed.
mirrored text for artesprix sublimation sequin pillow
Step 2: To start designing, I printed my desired words out onto a piece of copy paper.  I then used a light box to trace the letters. I also created a mask for the words. 
sublimation design with artesprix sublimation stamp pad
Step 3: Once the mask was in place, I got out my acrylic blocks, stamps and black Sublimation Ink Pad. I stamped the flower and leaves stamps over and around the sentiment. I added masks as need to stamp over other images.
sublimation stamp design before transfer
Step 4: Remove all the masks!  I love seeing the reveal once you take all of the masks off.
artesprix sublimation marker and stamp pad design
Step 5: I added color to all of the designs using the markers like watercolors.  I scribbled them on a palette, spritzed with water and applied it with a wet paint brush. You can create shaded areas by adding multiple layers of color.
Step 6: Very important!  Before taping your design to the pillow case, make sure ALL of the sequins are flipped to the white side!!  It’s really easy to do, some like to use tweezers to make even easier. I applied lots of heat resistant tape around the edges of my design. I found that the thicker paper was a little warped from all of the water I had used. I didn’t want it to move! 
secured sublimation design to sequin pillow with heat tape
Step 7: Once taped, create your "Sublimation Sandwich". You can also see that I have one piece of siliconized protective paper bigger than my design on top, and one on the inside of the pillow case. If you're concerned about keeping the velvet side of your pillow pristine, add an additional piece to ensure it stays clean during the transfer process. 
sequin pillow case transfer with cricut easy press
Step 8: For the Sequin Pillow Case blank you’ll need to set your heat press to 400℉ and 60 seconds, heavy pressure.
sublimation artesprix design after transfer
Step 9: After the timer runs out it’s very important to do a peek test! Just peel back a little bit of your design, removing as little tape as possible, and see how well it transferred. You can carefully put it back if you need more time/heat for a more vibrant transfer. 
sublimation artesprix sequin pillow with iron-on-ink
Step 10: Reveal time!! Look at this beauty!
sublimation artesprix sequin pillow with iron-on-ink
Step 11: Once cool, insert a 16” pillow form into the pillow case. Step back and admire your work!
I absolutely LOVE how my pillow turned out!  I know it will make me feel happy every time I look at it.  
Are you intrigued by the mesmerizing (and easy!) world of sublimation inks and markers? Then you need to take a look at the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Group over on Facebook. Click HERE to check it out. Want to see all the great sublimation products and blanks?  Then head to the Artesprix store to do a little shopping.
It’s been lots of fun sharing my project with you today.  Hope to see you soon!
Kristina Hein
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