Floral Watercolor Wine Stopper with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink

Happy New Year crafty friends! My name is Sara, and I’m back with one of the cutest Artesprix projects that I’ve ever done! We’re customizing a Wine Stopper with Artesprix sublimation markers, and Black Stamp Pad! This Wine Stopper is the Blank of the Month for January, which means it won't be available for long. This blank is made of metal, home iron friendly, and is double sided for double the creativity! 

sublimation wine stopper with artesprix Iron-on-ink
What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Crafts Supplies?
Artesprix sublimation markers, stamp pads, and paint are all made with Iron-on-Ink. The Iron-on-Ink is a special ink that gets embedded onto any poly-coated materials when it is subjected to heat and pressure. The chemical explanation for it is that the ink turns to gas, and the design you created will be transferred onto your sublimation blank. When we work with Artesprix sublimation supplies, any design we create can be transferred onto any sublimation blank once it is heat pressed! This gives you the ability to draw with sublimation markers or paint with sublimation acrylic paint and get to experience sublimation with no printer needed!

sublimation markers protective paper artesprix stamp pad
Wine Stopper
Sublimation Markers
Sublimation Stamp Pad - Black
Acrylic Stamp Block
Heat Resistant Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Dollar Tree Clear Stamp
Mixed Media Paper
Isopropyl Alcohol Spray
Ziploc Plastic Bag
Heat Press
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Get a sheet of mixed media paper and trace your wine stopper insert with a pencil to create a template. 

wine stopper template on plain paper
Step 2: Use your sublimation markers and scribble a few lines on a ziploc bag. Then, spray your sublimation scribbles with isopropyl alcohol. 

sublimation marker ink on ziplock bag
Step 3: Lay down your mixed media paper on top of the sprayed ziploc bag then lift it. This will a nice subtle hue for the background of our Stopper! 

artesprix iron-on-ink marker isopropyl alcohol design
Step 4: I decided to go in with a small flower stamp that I got from Dollar Tree. Any small stamp would be perfect for this wine stopper. I added some leaves that are in the same stamp set. 

sublimation stamped design on artesprix background
Step 5: (Optional) Use your sublimation markers again to embellish the design. I added some details to the flowers as well as the leaves.

artesprix design with markers and stamp pads before transfer
Pro Tip: Turn on your heat press to warm up while we prepare our "Sublimation Sandwich". If you’re using a heat press, you’ll need to set it to 385°F and 45 seconds. 

IMPORTANT: Each insert has a protective layer so make sure you peel it off first!

secured wine stopper to design before transfer  
Step 6: Tape each wine stopper insert to your sublimation design using heat resistant tape. 

sublimation wine stopper with protective paper before transfer
Step 7: Use your protective paper to sandwich in your design with the wine stopper insert taped to it. We recommend creating this sublimation sandwich which entails a piece of protective paper on the top and bottom of the design taped to the blank. This catches any extra Iron-on-Ink and guarantees clean work surfaces.
Step 8: It is time to press your design! Your heat press should be set to 385°F and 45 seconds.

sublimation artesprix project on wine stopper after transfer
Step 9: After pressing each design, it is recommended to peek at how your design transferred. Without removing any tape, lift your design to confirm your transfer is bright. If you peek and find that your colors didn’t turn out, feel free to re-press your design. 

before and after artesprix wine stopper
Step 10: Once you have confirmed your transfer was successful, you can reveal the design! Isn’t this the cutest? I think this is one of the cutest things I have ever created! The wine stopper looks great, and the little blank insert gives you the perfect canvas to customize it however you like! I love how each face turned out! In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a floral design! 

sublimation wine stopper with artesprix iron-on-ink
Customize this wine stopper, and gift it for the New Year or for your Valentine! I hope that I inspired you to try it yourself! Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook! I am on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, let’s keep in touch!
Keep on crafting!
Sara Ali


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