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Nicole here! As promised... I have something that goes with the “Beach House” Sequin Pillow Case I made earlier this month. No, I didn’t make another pillow case, but I made a Picture Frame to go with the Sequin Pillow Case. It’s a beach theme and I just love it! My husband rolled his eyes at me when I got so excited and showed him both of the projects I created. He thinks I’m crazy and I might be...a little. : ) Artesprix Picture Frame
  1. Original and Pastel Sublimation Markers
  2. Blank Picture Frame
  3. Plain Copy Paper 
  4. Heat Tape
  5. Protective Paper
  6. Heat Press but you can also use a Dry Iron, or Home Iron
  7. TCW867 Gulf Coast Creatures Stencil (The Crafter’s Workshop)
  8. Protective Project Mat
  9. Pencil
Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1. To begin, I used the Artesprix Picture Frame as a template to trace on white plain copy paper using a pencil.Trace with pencil
Step 2. Next, I used the Original and Pastel Sublimation Markers to color in the sea creatures using the Gulf Coast Creatures Stencil for my, "Frame your memories with Artesprix project."Artesprix SuppliesIron-on-InkStencil Iron-on-Ink projectColored Iron-on-Ink design
Step 3. I used the Artesprix Heat Tape to secure image in place over the paper and then cut two pieces of Artesprix Protective Paper and create (as Artesprix likes to call it) a “Sublimation Sandwich,” which means you place your project facing the top between two sheets of protective paper. Be sure your design is face down to the blank but on top of your Sublimation Sandwich before pressing. Artesprix Picture Frame Project
Step 4. Set your heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and timer for 30 seconds.  You want your design facing down to your blank but on the top of so the heat press's heat plate can transfer the design to your frame vividly! After your timer has completed, make sure to let your project cool down on the Protective Project Mat before handling it.Artesprix Heat Press

Step 5. My favorite part! Gently remove the protective paper from the Artesprix Picture Frame to reveal your vivid design! Assemble picture frame as desired, vertically, or horizontally. Place protective mylar film in the picture frame before assembling. Embellish your Frame your memories with Artesprix project as desired! Iron-on-Ink Picture FrameArtesprix picture frameIf you haven’t seen the Sequin Pillow Case that matches this frame, click here to be inspired! Don’t forget to stop by the shop to pick up yours today! Click here to shop through my affiliate link!Artesprix Picture Frame project

These products are so much fun. My Frame your memories with Artesprix project turned out great! Give them a try... you WILL love them! I promise. Thanks so much for visiting today!

Until next time! 



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