Guest Designer Tote Bag with Artesprix Paint

Hi, it’s Mandie from Mandie’s Scrappin’ Guest Designing today on the Artesprix Blog! I have a fun Tote Bag project to share today using the awesome new Sublimation Acrylic Paint. I had so many fun ideas run through my head when I got this amazing paint, especially because it seems I’ve been doing a lot of paint projects lately. I’ve also been using my Cricut for many projects as well, so I thought it would be fun to combine Artesprix's paint and my Cricut machine. 

Sublimation tote bag with Artesprix acrylic paint

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

Iron-on-Ink is an innovative craft sublimation medium to create unique designs that you can transfer to a endless selection of blanks. You can create some amazing one of a kind gifts that will last a lifetime. When the finished sublimation design is combined with heat and pressure, the ink turns into a gas and binds to the polyester fabric or poly-coated blank leaving you with a permanent transfer. Between Artesprix's plethora of Iron-on-Ink products and the endless amount of compatible sublimation blanks, the possibilities are endless! 


Sublimation Acrylic Paint

Tote Bag Blank

Protection Paper

Copy paper

Cricut Machine

Heat Press

Pattern Stick Temporary Adhesive

Paint Brushes 

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Grab a sheet of plain copy paper out of your printer. One of the things I love the most about Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is the fact that you don’t need to have expensive equipment in order to create some high quality sublimation projects.

Step 2: Use a paint brush and start making random brush strokes all over the paper. I did one color at a time (red, yellow, and blue straight from the bottle) and then just kept filling it in and allowing the wet colors to blend a bit in spots. 

sublimation acrylic paint design on plain paper

Pro Tip: If you're interested in creating different colors than the ones that come directly from the bottle, use the Artesprix Color Mixing Chart on their website. 

Step 3: Let the finished design dry overnight, just to ensure everything is completely dry. While I let that dry, I created my desired design on my Cricut. I used a rectangle shape and added a notebook paper edge for some fun, then added “My Stuff” in a fun font. 

cricut design space

Step 4: Set your Cricut to “Paper” and let it do it’s thing! If you don’t have a Cricut, you could still do a fun border with punches and hand cut the letters with an craft knife for a similar look. Don't forget...cut it on the "Mirror" setting or trace your letters backwards if you are cutting by hand. 

artesprix sublimation paint design on cricut machine

Step 5: Allow your heat source to reach temperature, you always want to check the exact temperature on your specific blank for this step. For this Tote Bag, Artesprix recommends 400℉ for 45 seconds with medium pressure. Because this is a fabric blank you will also want to lint roll before transferring.

sublimation tote bag with Artesprix paint design before transfer

Step 6: Because this is fabric and we don't want to see any tape shapes in the corners of our transfer, I like to use adhesive spray to secure my design to the blank. Spray your bag and place your dried design face-down to your Tote Bag

sublimation tote bag with protective paper before transfer

Step 7: Now it is time to make what Artesprix calls, a "Sublimation Sandwich" Cut 3 pieces of Protective Paper. Place one inside of your bag to prevent the ink from transferring to the other side, one on top to protect your heat source from ink, and one on the bottom to ensure the other side of the bag stays clean. 

Pro Tip #2: If you have a pressing pillow you can use it under the tote bag to ensure even pressure, especially if you have a larger sized press like the one shown. 

sublimation project in heat press

Step 8: Time to press! You can dance a little jig or just dream up the next amazing project you want to create, however you want to make 45 seconds pass is up to you!

Step 9: Once your time is up, remove your project from the press and conduct a "peek test". Lift up a small corner of your design and ensure your transfer was successful. Tape is extra helpful for this step, so do this very carefully if you used adhesive spray like me. 

sublimation tote bag with artesprix acrylic paint

Step 10: If your "peek test" was a success, reveal your design! 

This is the PERFECT project for my crazy, busy life, that I wouldn’t change for the world, so I’m owning my awesome new tote bag for all my important stuff! I hope this project inspires you to try Artesprix Sublimation Paint if you have not already. This blank is one of the many high quality blanks Artesprix offers so you can get crafty with sublimation. 

If you're looking for more inspiration, join the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are posting projects, sharing ideas, and asking questions. If you do decide to try this project, be sure to post it to the group or use the #artesprix so we don't miss it. I'm so glad Artesprix asked me to share some sublimation magic with you all, looking forward to next time!

Stay crafty!

Mandie Wade



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