Lucky Dog Bandana with Iron-on-Ink and Guest Designer Betsy

Hi there, I’m Betsy, from Betsy Burnett Creative, and I was so excited to be asked back as a Guest Designer for Artesprix! When I found out I would be sent the Pet Bandana blank to work with I started laughing. Our dog Diamond seems to have the best out comes with the worst situations. This may be dating me, but I quote the old dog food commercial “I’m a lucky dog” with her. Being that St. Patty’s Day is this month, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make her a bandana proclaiming her as a “Lucky Dog.” 

st Patrick's day sublimation artesprix dog bandana

What are Artesprix products?

Artesprix Sublimation Supplies make it super easy for me to create bright colorful personalized projects! I love how their specially formulated markers and inks, combined with heat and a bit of pressure transfers my artwork to sublimation-ready blanks using copy paper! Before Artesprix, this level of personalization was only available via a special printer, but now everyone can experience the magic of sublimation without fancy equipment. 

sublimation markers dog bandana artesprix stamp pad heat tape


Pet Bandana
Sublimation Markers
Sublimation Stamp Pad
Protective Paper Roll
Heat Tape
Pebbles Inc. Foam Stamps
Heat Press
Optional: Computer, printer, Canva Design Tool
Copy Paper

Step 1: I love the look of hand drawing and lettering, but don’t necessarily always like the look of MY hand drawing and hand lettering. To solve this issue, I create my artwork using a design program on my computer using the website Canva. I created the image I wanted to transfer and then printed it out on copy paper using my ink jet printer.

sublimation template for dog bandana

Step 2: We need our words to be mirrored for sublimation. With a bright light overhead I can see the bold printed font from the back of the paper. Using a pencil, I traced my artwork on the back of the printed design.

Pro Tip: I also gently traced the basic shape of my Pet Bandana Blank onto the copy paper as well.  These lines will give me an outline to work with when I begin to color in my design. 

finished artesprix marker design before transfer

Step 3: Using Artesprix Sublimation Markers I colored in the sketched design. Don’t worry your pencil lines won’t show so no need to erase anything. 

Pro Tip 2: I tend to be a bit “heavy handed” when it comes to coloring, to avoid smearing my marker lines, I find it works best to start at the top left of the design working my way to the bottom right. This keeps my dragging hand out of the marker ink until it has a chance to dry.

foams stamps with sublimation ink

Step 4: I decided the words on the bandana needed a bit more embellishment. Using Artisprix Sublimation Ink pads and Pebbles Inc. Foam stamps, I stamped some flourishes that I will cut out to turn into a border. These stamps are great being that you can use both sides! This makes it perfect for creating a “mirrored image”. Which is what I need not only for sublimation artwork, but for my border design.

sublimation ink designs with foam stamps

Step 5: Cut out all your designs. Be sure to leave about an inch of paper between your design and the edge. Using Heat tape, adhere to the Pet Bandana ink side down.

sublimation design adhered to dog bandana before transfer

Pro Tip 3: Make sure your heat tape doesn’t cover any of the design you created or the ink won’t transfer properly. 

sublimation dog bandana before transfer with protective paper

Step 6: Create a "sublimation sandwich". Lay a piece of Protective paper down bigger than your design, place your bank decorated side up, and then another piece of protective paper on top.

Step 7: Time to transfer. Using a temperature of 400℉. I pressed my main design for 30 seconds, because of the size of the bandana, it did not fit entirely on my heat press plate. I worked in sections.

sublimation marker design after transfer

Step 8: Conduct a "peek test" to make sure the design transferred properly. IMPORTANT: I kept the design and heat tape in place to avoid the designs shifting during the process.

Step 9: After allowing things to cool, time to reveal the design! (Plus find the dog and the treat jar to bribe her to take a photo! 😊 )

sublimation dog bandana with artesprix iron-on-ink

How cute is she?!? It was fun to take my play on words and the artwork I created and turn it into a one-of-a-kind bandana for my dog for St Patrick’s Day! Thanks, Artisprix for making the project easy! Plus, special thank you to Diamond and my treat holding daughter who put up with mom’s shenanigans! If you liked this project, check out this Pet Bandana project by former Design Team Member Nicole. 

Stay crafty! 

Betsy Burnett



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