Make Iron-on-Ink Earrings from a Bookmark!

Learn how to create sublimated earrings using Iron-on-Ink

Artesprix Bookmark turned into DIY earrings

Hi, Ivy here! Creating earrings is a new hobby for me and I love to experiment with different materials. When I saw the Artesprix bookmark some ideas started coming. I thought, maybe I can use this material to make Iron-on-Ink Earrings. This idea came across my mind because the metal of the bookmark is relatively soft. With that said, I tried using a Sizzix Big Shot and it worked beautifully.



Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Start by using the earring die cut machine to cut out your earring shapes out from the bookmark. After a few tries, the earrings came out beautifully!

Place your bookmark in the die cut machine to cut out your earrings.

Step 2.

First, trace your earrings shape on white copy paper. I actually made my Iron-on-Ink Earrings 1/4 larger than what I was originally going to trace. Prepping your stamp is so easy with the Artesprix Stamp Pad. When your ready, start stamping over the ombre background.

TIP: (Now is a good time to turn on your heat press and heat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit)

Step 3.

Make sure that your Iron-on-Ink Earrings are white side down (this is the side your image will transfer to) and use the heat tape to secure your design. In preparation for the heat press, you will need to cut two pieces of Artesprix protective paper and create a “sublimation sandwich.” Simply put your taped designed in between two pieces of protective paper facing upward. This protects your heat source plate and your work surface during the transformation process and traps the ink into your blank. I love how the Artesprix Heat Tape fits in my cute horse tape dispenser.

Step 4.

Now it’s time to heat-press! Be sure to place your sublimation sandwich with your Iron-on-Ink earring in between your protective paper sheets facing up.

If you are using an Artesprix Heat Press for this project set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and set the timer for 45 seconds. Be careful removing the earrings from the press, metal blanks can be super hot!

Step 5.

Gently remove the paper and peel your design off from the blank.

Step 6.

Finally, let your earrings cool and place the earring hooks through. That was really fun! Now you can admire your beautiful Iron-on-Ink Earrings!

Here is a quick process video of how the earrings was made.

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Happy Crafting!


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