Marble Water Bottle with Shaving Cream and Artesprix Paint

Hello friends! It’s Design Team Member, Sara, on the blog today and I’m getting a bit emotional since this is my last blog post for the term! However, I am so excited to share with you a fun and easy technique to use with your sublimation paint. For my final Term 6 project, we will be personalizing a water bottle using shaving cream and Artesprix’s sublimation paint. I'm going to show you how you can create a marble affect, the process is simple yet yields amazing designs and it is inspired by the work of a fellow Term 6 Design Team Member, Alison Heikkila. 

sublimation water bottle with marble artesprix paint design

What is Sublimation Iron-on Ink?

Iron-on-Ink is a specially formulated ink to infuse into poly-coated substrates or polyester fabric when it is subjected to heat. All Artesprix’s markers, stamps, paint and inks are made with Iron-on-Ink. Any design we create with Artesprix’s supplies can be transferred onto any sublimation blank once it is heat pressed. The ink turns to a gas, and you’ll end up with a permanent design that is embedded into the substrate, it will not need any sealing and will not fade over time! 

sublimation water bottle artesprix paint shaving cream heat tape


Water Bottle Blank

Shaving Cream

Plastic Bin

Sublimation Paint

Heat Resistant Tape

Mixed Media Paper

Tape Measure

Tumbler Press

Shrink Wrap (optional)

Heat Gun (optional)

Convection Oven (optional)

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Pick the colors you would like for your design, I used blue, red, yellow, and white lightening medium to mix my paints. I went for colors bubble gum, true red, royal and purple from the Artesprix Color Mixing Chart. 

mixed artesprix sublimation acrylic paint

Step 2: Use your shaving cream to fill the inside of the plastic bin. I smoothed the surface a bit with a window wiper. Then, I started splattering paint drops across the surface of the shaving cream. You don’t want to drop a lot of paint, a little goes a long way! I used a crafting stick to make swirls in the shaving cream.

shaving cream in bin before sublimation paint is added

Step 3: Using a sheet of mixed media paper, place it slowly on the surface of the colorful shaving cream. You want to slightly push it before lifting it up. I lifted mine up and I placed it on a clean, level surface. I recommend leaving it for a couple of minutes before wiping the shaving cream off the paper. Using a wind wiper, I wiped all the shaving cream leaving a very cool marble design!

shaving cream in bin with sublimation paint added
Pro Tip: The shaving cream that is left in the bin could be used again to make more marble designs. I got about four big sheets out of this one time. One of the great things about Artesprix is you can create designs and store them for future projects/transfer at anytime! 

marble sublimation paint design made with shaving cream and artesprix paint

Step 4: Let’s measure the height and circumference of our water bottle. I measured it to be 9.1” in width and 5.5” in height. Then, I cut our design to size. 

sublimation water bottle template


Step 5: I wrapped my design around the bottle and secured it with heat resistant tape.

artesprix sublimation design secured face-down

Cylinder Press: Set press to 400°F for 60 seconds and wrap your secured design with Artesprix Protective Paper. This will prevent the ink from going through the craft paper and onto your press. 

Sublimation Oven: If you will be using a designated sublimation convection oven to sublimate on your water bottle, you will need a shrink wrap and a heat gun. Insert your bottle with the secured design inside a shrink wrap sleeve. Then, use your heat gun to go over it to make it snug around the water bottle. Now, you’re ready! You’ll need to set your convection oven to 400°F for 4-5 minutes.

Step 6: It is time to press your design! If you’re using a tumbler press, I press once, rotate the bottle and press again. For a convection oven, you’ll need to place your water bottle in the center of the oven and rotate it halfway!
Step 7: Once your timer is complete, there are some things you'll want to look for to ensure a successful transfer. If you used an oven, when you remove the wrap you should be able to see your design on the inside of the wrap. If you used the cylinder press, you should see your design on the protective paper. 

before and after sublimation water bottle with marble design

Step 8: After you have confirmed that your transfer was successful, quickly remove your design from the water bottle to reveal your transfer. 

Look at that marble design! I love how it turned out and how it all started with a simple fun idea, shaving cream and splashes of sublimation paint! Follow the same technique and add initials as part of the design to further personalize this water bottle, it’ll make a cute and unique gift! 

sublimation water bottle with artesprix paint marble design Thank you for reading, I hope this inspired you to get creative! Make sure you grab a set of sublimation paint for your next shaving cream sublimation project! If you have the Sublimation Stamp Ink Refills, you could use those as well! You can also get started with the sublimation starter kit that has everything to make your first project with Artesprix.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on instagram or Facebook! As I mentioned, this is my last blog post for this design term.

Stay creative and let’s keep in touch!


Sara Ali 

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