Metal Key Chain design with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink!

Learn how to design an Artesprix Metal Keychain that lasts a lifetime

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers!

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers.

Nicole here! I am so excited to share this fun mixed media Key Chain I created using the Metal Key Chain and Artesprix’s Gnomie Botanical Sublimation Markers. Every year, my friends and I visit the Cozy Crop House to scrapbook the entire weekend. We have such a fun time crafting, laughing and drinking wine together.

When I’m there, I like to be nosey… checking out the other ladies’ bags… how they store their supplies, etc. They always have their bags decorated with pins and key chains. My bags are boring, they have none of that. So… when I received the Metal Key Chain to play with, I decided to change that. With just a few Sublimation Markers, stamp, and key chain, I was able to create my very own key chain to decorate my bag.

What are Sublimation Markers?

You might be asking yourself, “what exactly are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?” These markers are made with special inks that really pop on your projects once the ink is heated at 400 degrees. And the colors turn out so vibrant! You have to try it, to believe me.

To create this key chain, you will need the following:

  1. Metal Key Chain
  2. Gnomie Botanical Sublimation Markers
  3. Black Sublimation Markers
  4. Sublimation Stamp Pad
  5. Acrylic Block
  6. Protective Paper Roll
  7. Trinity Stamp’s Crafter’s Heart Stamp Set


  1. Artesprix Heat Tape
  2.  Heat Press or a regular iron
  3. Extra Embellishments if desired
  4. Scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

To begin, I used Artesprix’s Metal Key Chain as a template to trace on white cardstock using a pencil.

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers

Step 2:

Stamp Trinity Stamp’s “A Crafter’s Heart” Stamp onto the copy paper within the pencil lines, using the Sublimation Ink. The little crafty supplies within the heart stamp makes my heart happy! It’s perfect for all paper crafters.

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Stamp Pad.

Step 3:

Once the Sublimation Ink is completely dry, color the images using the Gnomie Botanical Sublimation Markers. Do not worry too much with staying within the pencil line, because you want to be sure to cover as much white space along the edges of the key chain. Use the Black Sublimation Markers to color some of the images. You will notice that the colors are a little dull… don’t worry, like I said in the beginning of the post, once the Metal Key Chain is heated, the colors will Pop!

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers.

Step 4:

Use Heat Tape to tape down the edges.

Create a custom Metal Key Chain using Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers.
TIP: Make sure your Artesprix Metal key chain is placed down correctly with the hole being on the right-side. I made the mistake of not paying attention the first time I created a key chain and it was backwards.

Step 5:

Using scissors, cut two pieces of Protective Paper, so that it covers the image. Prior to placing Sublimation Sandwich in the Heat Press, cut down the copy paper so that it is about the same height as the Protective Paper to prevent the copy paper from burning.

Make an Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich using Protective Paper.
Artesprix likes to call it a “sublimation sandwich,” which means you place your project facing the top between two sheets of protective paper.

Step 6:

Set your heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and timer for 90 seconds. Make sure you place your project in your heat source facing up. After your timer has completed, make sure to let your project cool down before touching it.

Create a sublimation sandwich and place Iron-on-ink project onto heat source.
Completed Iron-on-Ink Metal Key Chain.

Don’t forget to check out the variety of Key Chains in the shop. They come in Maple, Metal, or Plastic. There are many different things you can create by hand using the Sublimation Markers, Ink, and Stamps, along with our Key Chains! Check out our Sublimation Blanks! Click here to see all of Artesprix’s products!

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