Springing Into April With The Artesprix Pastel Marker Pack!

Hello! Courtney here creating with the Artesprix Pastel Marker Pack and the Blank of the Month, a Sequin Pillow Case! Did you know you could transfer these markers to sequins? You can! As long as they are polyester material. Many are but you always want to be sure to check. Iron-on-Ink makes it easy for you by providing the ones that you can transfer to.Blank of the month Sequin Pillow Case project

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers are tools to use in the process of sublimation. The markers are filled with the inks that supply the color for the transfer you can make to polyester or polyester coated items. So springing into April with the Artesprix Pastel Marker Pack can really add those pretty colors to any sublimation project.Artesprix Blank of the Month supplies

Materials & Tools: 

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1: To start, you can trace out a designated spot you may want to use on the pillow (sequin side.) I am having my design lay randomly all over the pillow so I made sure to have my designs on the smaller side so that everything would fit.Artesprix Sequin Pillow Case

Step 2: Next, I used a Silhouette Cameo to sketch out the designs I want for my pillow case. I felt like this was a great tool to use for my Springing Into April With The Artesprix Pastel Marker Pack project.Silhouette Iron-on-Ink designs

Step 3: After that, I placed the little cut out designs all over my pillow with heat tape. Make sure to adhere your design to the shimmery white side.Artesprix Heat Tape to Blank

Step 4: Now gather enough protective paper to cover the bottom and top of the pillow case, making a large sublimation sandwich and press the BOTM at 400˚ Fahrenheit for 60 seconds.Sublimation Sandwich

Step 6: When the pressing time is up try a peek test to ensure the transfer of your design moved on over to the Sequin Pillow Case.Sublimation Sandwich

Step 7. The Big Reveal! Start removing all our copy paper and reveal your beautiful SPRING Iron-on-Ink designs! Springing  Right Into April With The Pastel Marker Pack!Artesprix Big Reveal

Pastels are what spring and flowers and this time of the year is made of. The sequin pillow is now my NEW favorite BOTM (blank of the month) AND it comes in 3 different colors! You can’t go wrong decorating one of these blanks! Check out this project for more inspiration. The Inspirational Facebook Group is a great way to see others’ creations and to share yours. A great Arte’ community!Artesprix Blank of the Month project for April

Check out my Springing Into April With The Artesprix Pastel Marker Pack YouTube video for this project:

Until Next Time,

Courtney LaRose 



  • Very cute!

    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on May 14, 2021
  • This is absolutely adorable and what a fun blank to work with! 👏🏻

    Posted by Gina on April 07, 2021

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