Stamp Anniething Kawaii themed Door Hanger with Iron-on-Ink

Hi! I’m Chelsea Rose, a mom, military spouse, baker and previous art teacher! I’ve been leaning on my dishwasher more now that I have two kiddos and I’ve been hoping to get a “clean/dirty” dishes marker for awhile. Using a door hanger blank from Artesprix, combined with these cute Stamp Anniething stamps from the Kawaii Cuties line seemed like a perfect combination for us. Did you know Kawaii means cute in Japanese? I love my new Kawaii clean dishes door hanger with Iron-on-Ink, there’s even macarons on it!

Stampanniething stamp themed sublimation door hanger

What is Iron-on-Ink?

Iron-on-Ink allows you to create designs on a template that you then activate with heat to fuse the design to the blank. A “blank” is a substrate coated in or made of polyester. Artesprix has markers, stamp pads, stamp pad refills (like vials of ink) and even acrylic paint made from sublimation magic! The colors are vibrant and the quality is professional.

sublimation door hanger artesprix markers stampanniething stamps


Artesprix Door Hanger

Artesprix Stamp Pads (Brown and Black)

Artesprix Stamp Refill (Brown)

Artesprix Marker 10 count

Artesprix Acrylic Stamp Block

Stamp Anniething Kawaii Cuties

Mixed Media Paper

Protective Paper

Heat Resistant Tape


Plastic Sheet


Heat Source: Home Iron or Heat Press

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1: Gather your supplies and trace your blank on paper with a pencil! Pencil will not interfere with your design (don’t use a sublimation marker!). Create two templates by tracing both sides so you can have a "clean" and a "dirty" side for your dishes door hanger.

sublimation door hanger template
Step 2:
 Stamp your stamped designs as desired using the Black Sublimation Stamp Pad. I love using the new gray marker for the outlines of some of my stamped objects. It was perfect for the three-tiered dessert tray and the macarons from Stamp Anniething. So so kawaii (cute)! Look for the design process on my youtube!

stampanniething kawaii cuties stamp designs on door hanger template

Step 3: Fill in the designs I used the markers or you can do what I prefer and use a watercolor application. By drawing with the markers on plastic or another non-porous surface allows you achieve more muted colors.

sublimation watercolor marker technique with stampanniething designs

Step 4: For the dirty side, make it “dirty”! Here is where the brown Sublimation Stamp Ink Refill comes in super handy. Drip out a drop and add a bit of water and you can splatter it onto the "dirty" side. Set the water cup in a bit of it and let it create a drink ring. Have fun with it! This will help my family know which side is the clean side at a quick glance.

artesprix sublimation door hanger with stampanniething kawaii cutie designs

Step 5: When adding words to a sublimation project you need to mirror the text! One way to do this is to write what you want “correctly” on the back of your project in Thin Sharpie or a normal marker (not a sublimation marker!). Flip your design back over you will be able to see through it to trace your mirror text on the design side with your sublimation markers. 

completed artesprix designs with stampanniething stamps

Step 6: Repeat the above steps to create a design for the "clean" side. Instead of creating a messy "dirty" look, use other stamps to create a "clean" design so it is easily recognizable which side is which. 

Step 7: Tape one of your designs to one side of the sublimation door hanger with heat resistant tape. It is imperative to use heat tape so you don’t have any sticky goo on your project while keeping your project still during the transfer process.

sublimation door hanger secured to artesprix design with heat tape

Step 8: Use Artesprix’s siliconized protective paper to create a "sublimation sandwich" around your blank and your design. This protects your heat press and work surfaces from the Iron-on-Ink. Ensure the design is on top of the blank, so that the heat only has to go through the protective paper and your design. If you don’t have Artesprix’s brand siliconized paper, parchment paper will work. Artesprix Siliconized Protective Paper is professional quality for the crafter, it is what the professional sublimation companies use. 

sublimation doorhanger project before transfer

Step 9:  The Door Hanger transfers at 400℉ for 90 seconds. If you're looking for print friendly recommended press times go to Artesprix’s directions site.
Step 10: "Peek test" time! Be careful, the blank is hot! Try to peel back your design without removing your tape, this way if the project needs more time, your design is still perfectly lined up.

sublimation door hanger after transfer

Step 11: Time for the big reveal! Love how the faux dirt marks came through, don’t you?

sublimation door hanger with artesprix and stampanniething design

Step 12: Repeat the steps above after the first side has cooled.

Pro Tip: I recommend pressing the “clean” side next so that if there are any mishaps with the back side, that side is the “dirty” side and it’ll likely be easier to hide! If any color got on your protective paper sandwich, do not re-use. The color will sublimate again and move from your protective paper onto your blank where you didn’t design it to go!

sublimation door hanger with artesprix and stamp anniething designs

Step 13: After your kawaii clean dishes door hanger with iron-on-ink has cooled, find a way to hang it on your dishwasher. Here in Japan, a dollar store type place called Daiso has a wide array of hooks with different connection points. 100 yen for a magnetic hook is the right call for me! But you might like a hook with suction cups, or to incorporate flat magnets on both sides of your hanger. I’d love to hear what you choose.

stampanniething kawaii cuties designs with artesprix iron-on-ink

Using stamps with iron-on-ink is such a “kawaii” cute way to customize your projects with a design that will last. Check out more from StampAnniething. The new gray colored marker works great to have lighter outlines from the stamps. Combining stamped outlines with the watercolor effect using the stamp pad refill ink or the markers is my favorite way to stamp. Oh and this clean dishes door hanger is already inspiring my four-year old son to keep us on track in the kitchen!

sublimation door hanger with artesprix and stamp anniething designs

Another project of mine using the watercolor technique with the Artesprix markers is here. If you want to get more inspiration for your sublimation and crafting journey make sure to join the Artesprix facebook group! And if you want to see what I’m up to in Japan - come follow along over on instagram. Thank you for reading!

Chelsea Rose 

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