Transfer Traced Designs onto Key Chains with Artesprix

Hi everyone! It’s Erica from @all.things.erica on Instagram and I am so happy to be featured as a Guest Designer on the Artesprix Blog.

fox DIY sublimation key chain with artesprix

A little background story of myself, … I’m a Los Angeles & Orange County based Makeup Artist that turned into a crafter. I still do makeup occasionally, but currently paused my life to cater to my mother as her sole caregiver because she has Alzheimer’s Disease. When I get free time, I enjoy crafting from graphic design, heat transfer tees, party decor (banners, cake toppers, etc.) home décor, decals, stickers, and so much more. I also FINALLY taught myself how to do basic sewing. I’m no pro, but can sew a straight line, have dabbled in making masks for people through the pandemic, and tote bags too. Okay, enough about me, let’s get crafty! 

What are Artesprix Sublimation Supplies?

If you’re new to sublimating, it is the process of taking a design and transferring it to compatible blanks with heat and pressure. Artesprix products allow you to experience and create sublimation projects without a fancy printer. So, follow along as I show you how to create a custom sublimation keychain using Artesprix Markers.

sublimation iron-on-ink Artesprix Markers


Sublimation Markers 

Heat Tape 

Protective Paper Roll 

Project Mat 

Heat Source: Cricut Easy Press, Heat Press, Home Iron 

Key Chain 2ct: Plastic 

Light Pad (Optional)

Copy Paper


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: I decided to find a design I liked to trace with the sublimation markers. I used Clip Art but you can use Canva or other programs on your regular printer with normal ink.  

sublimation key chain with pencil for artesprix marker project

Step 2: Size the design in accordance with the blank, you can measure or check the Artesprix packaging for the dimensions. Once sized, print onto regular copy paper. 

Step 3: Using a light pad, put the printed design underneath a new piece of copy paper and trace your design with pencil or sublimation marker. 

Step 4: Color in your design. 

sublimation design before transfer with iron-on-ink markers

Step 5: Once you are finished creating secure your blank to your design using heat resistant tape. All Artesprix key chains are double sided so it does not matter which side you transfer to first. 

Step 6: Get ready to transfer by creating a "sublimation sandwich". Cut two pieces of Artesprix Protective Paper bigger than your blank. The most common mistake Makers make is they forget to ensure their design is not under their blank, it is important that the design is on top of the blank, face-down to the key chain. 

sublimation key chain transfer with circuit easy press

Step 7: Set your Heat Press, or in my case Cricut Easy Press to 400° F with a time of 60 seconds. 

Step 8: Once your heat source reaches temperature it is time to transfer. I have an Artesprix Project Mat under my Easy Press to ensure my work area is protected. You will also want to add pressure if using a hand held heat source. 

Step 9: Before removing the tape, check to see you got a good transfer. Without removing too much tape, lift up a corner of the paper and see if your design is vibrantly displayed on your key chain. If it is, reveal your design. If it is not, re-secure and transfer again. (Checking temperature, time, and pressure settings.)

sublimation marker transfer onto sublimation key chain

Step 10: Once cool, attach your key tab and key ring and start using your lifetime sublimation key chain! 

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed being a Guest Designer on the Team Artesprix! This project was fun and easy, if you have not tried sublimation yet, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to visit the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are always sharing inspirational projects. You can stay connected with me by following me on my Instagram @all.things.erica

Happy Crafting! 


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