Summer Themed Iron-on-Ink Coasters

Create beautiful Textured Coasters with Artesprix Sublimation Markers

Enjoy Summer Sips with these fun Textured Coasters!

Hey, all! Gina here. If you’re anything like me, you may have digital file folders filled with fun summer cut files just waiting to be used on projects. I’m a total cutting-machine newbie so learning to use my machine along with the Artesprix’s sublimation products has been a fun experience. Today, I’m using of my favorite cut files to make summer themed iron on ink coasters.

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Summer themed iron on ink coasters made with Artesprix sublimation markers.

How to Artesprix Sublimation Markers Work?

These easy-to-use markers are used with plain old copy paper. Yep. That’s right. No fancy sublimation paper needed for this project. Simply use the markers to draw or color a design and let your heat source (I’m using the Artesprix heat press today) transform the ink into a gas that dyes the substrate or blank. Ready to create?

Here’s what you need to make these festive coasters:

Summer Themed Iron-on-Ink Coasters Step-by-Step Process:

Step 1:

Draw your design onto plain copy paper. Here, I used my Silhouette software to trace and sketch a cut file onto the paper. I simply used the pen holder adapter and a pencil! No need to worry about the pencil lines-they won’t transfer.

TIP: Remember to mirror your design in the software before starting to sketch.

Step 2:

Cut out each design. I decided to use four different designs. It might be helpful to trace your coaster around your design to ensure it fits. I used the Silhouette software to measure accordingly so I skipped that step this time. My copy paper curled after I took it off the cutting mat so I used some washi tape to hold it in place while I colored in the design.

Step 3:

Color! I love the chisel tip for getting into really tight spaces and for fine lines.

TIP: Now is a good time to turn on your heat source. I’m using the Artesprix heat press set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the timer for 90 seconds.

Step 4:

Use the Artesprix Heat Tape to secure your design, face down, onto the Textured Coaster blank.

Step 5:

Cut two pieces of protective paper to make a “sublimation sandwich.” On the heat press, layer a square of protective paper, your coaster blank, and another square of the protective paper on top. Lower the heat press lid into place and heat for 90 seconds.

Step 6:

Carefully remove the coaster from the heat press and allow to cool on the protective project map. The reveal is the most fun part of the entire sublimation process!

Flamingo squad iron on ink coaster from Artesprix

These fun designs are ready to gift or use. This innovative heat transfer process means your colorful design will not fade and you can enjoy these all summer long.

Artesprix heat transfer markers on textured coasters.

Are you a visual learner? Take a look at my step-by-step video:

Need some more coaster inspiration? Jenn’s Tropical Coasters are perfect for summer too! Check out the Artesprix website for more fun projects. We invite you to join the Artesprix Iron On Ink Facebook Group to share your own creations.

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!

Gina K is a lifestyle & craft blogger at Desperately Seeking Gina, where she shares her adventures in glitter, love letters to Arkansas, her cat Hop, and fiancé T.

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