Valentine's Day Drawstring Bag with Iron-on-Ink Stamp Pad

Nicole Martel on the blog with you today. I have a Valentine’s Day project to share! You will not be able to resist this project… and by the time you see how fun this is to make, you’ll be making one too! These little bags are perfect for some candy and gift cards! And they make great gifts. Come see how I created this adorable Valentine’s Day bag using Artesprix’s Sublimation Markers!

Sublimation Drawstring Bag with iron-on-ink

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Magic Ink that transfers beautiful colors from plain copy paper to a polyester product with a heat source. Iron-on-Ink Markers are the way to personalize sublimation, which is specially formulated inks that transfer only when activated with heat and pressure.


Drawstring Bag

Sublimation Markers

Trinity Stamp’s Sending Smooches 4x4 Stamp Set

Plain Copy Paper


Charms from American Crafts (Optional)

Heat Press or Dry Iron

Sublimation Ink Pad

Acrylic Block

Heat Tape

Protective Paper

Step 1: Place the Drawstring Bag onto a piece of plain copy paper and trace the outline using a pencil to determine the area that you have to work on.

Sublimation Drawstring Bag template

Step 2: Using your stamps and Sublimation Ink Pad, stamp your design onto the copy paper, note it will be the mirror image. 

Trinity stamps sublimation drawstring bag tutorial with iron-on-ink

Pro Tip: To add text stamps, if your stamp set comes with the printed film like mine, you flip it over and trace, using a Lightbox or window, to create mirrored text. 

trinity stamps with iron-on-ink sublimation stamp pad

Step 3: Color the images using Sublimation Markers. Don't worry if the colors look different than the cap colors, the magic will happen when we transfer. 

sublimation markers trinity stamps for sublimation drawstring project

Step 4: Once you are finished creating, secure your design to the Drawstring Bag using heat tape. 

Pro Tip: Easiest way is to tape the blank to the design, instead of the design to the blank.

sublimation drawstring bag before transfer

Step 5: Set you heat press to 400℉ and a 45 second transfer time. 

Step 6: Create your "sublimation sandwich". Cut two pieces of Protective Paper to bigger than the Drawstring Bag. Cut an additional piece to put inside the bag. With the larger pieces on the outside of the secured blank, transfer your design. (Make sure the colored design is secured face down, on the top of the sandwich, so the heat is closest to the design.)

sublimation sandwich with drawstring bag before transfer

Step 7: While using caution, lift the handle and remove your Drawstring Bag. Place it on the Protective Project Mat and give it about 2 minutes to cool down. Gently remove a small corner piece of your design to take a peek to make sure the colors are vivid. Try not to remove too much tape during the peek test. 

sublimation markers and stamp transfer on Drawstring Bag

Step 8: If your transfer was successful, carefully remove the paper to reveal your vivid design! Embellish as desired.

sublimation drawstring bag with trinity stamps and markers

If you love this, check out the Heart Ornament I created by clicking here!  Click here to shop for Artesprix's products using my affiliate link! If you love this stamp set, click here to shop at Trinity Stamps! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Nicole Martel

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